Pig Hour

The Hour of the Pig (21:00 – 23:00) is intended for relaxation, it is better not to plan anything serious. Even a slight load may seem excessive and unbearable. Any effort causes discomfort, it is difficult to overcome drowsiness and fatigue. Violation of natural rhythms leads to health problems. It is quite reasonable to spend this time on affairs that do not require energy costs. It is necessary to relax and prepare for bed. Meditation or aromatherapy will have a beneficial effect on the body. It is important to achieve a state of harmony, everything else is decay and vanity.

Pig Hour and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the characteristics of the dominant elements, the Hour of the Pig undergoes some changes. Deviations from the usual behavior of the patron animal of this period are likely. However, the general nature of the events remains unchanged.

Wood Pig Hour does not promise worries and unrest, it’s time to prepare for bed. Although, if there are forces left, a little physical activity is permissible. You can do breathing exercises, go for a run, or just walk a bit. The main thing is to enjoy every movement. If physical activity is given too hard, you do not need to force yourself to do anything. It is time to enjoy the peace. You can’t act contrary to your desires. I want to laze around, watch TV — fine, ruined a dream — even better. Any violence against oneself causes irritability and discontent, and such a mood does not contribute to falling asleep.

Fire Pig Hour leaves a double impression. He has to rest, I want peace and tranquility. At the same time, not the best feelings awaken: irritability, resentment, suspiciousness. A sudden change of mood, outbursts of anger can cause quarrels with others. Do not take close to heart all that is happening. It is necessary to isolate yourself from unnecessary information, it can cause negative emotions. It is better to leave important matters and conversations for later. You can take time with your family and take care of yourself. Any activity is suitable if it brings joy and satisfaction.

Earth Pig Hour is for pleasure. You should not limit yourself to anything: everything is good, in moderation. You can invite guests to have a fun party. Lovers can enjoy each other’s company, a romantic dinner — a great end to the day. The atmosphere of this hour is so sincere that you can not be afraid of quarrels and omissions. Everything will turn out well, the main thing is not to disrupt the natural course of things. If you want to work a little before bedtime, you can view documents and make a to-do list. Any physical activity is likely to be useless.

Metal Pig Hour calls for judgment: no quarrels and scandals. Negative emotions are destructive, you need to control yourself. If you want to quickly figure out a controversial situation, you should carefully weigh all the words. Most likely, a conversation will not lead to anything good. It should be kept neutral, without showing unnecessary emotions. You can do your favorite thing or pass the evening at the TV. It is unlikely that such a pastime can be called interesting, but it will be possible to avoid trouble. It is better to save energy for more important matters, there will still be an opportunity to prove oneself in all its glory.

Water Pig Hour does not tolerate loneliness. The main thing is to arouse interest in yourself, any tricks will work. Due to lack of communication, mood can be spoiled. All actions have only one goal — to be in the spotlight. If you want to pour out your soul, do not stop. No matter how pleasant the conversation will be, perhaps those around you will not want to discuss other people’s problems. However, a confidential conversation will bring reassurance, which is absolutely necessary for normal health. Another way to achieve harmony is meditation. You should forget about all the troubles of this day.

Influence of the Pig Hour

The interaction of the animal of birth and the patron of the hour does not always go smoothly. Unpleasant surprises and all kinds of complications are likely. The people of the Snake sign must be especially careful in the hour of the Pig. Keep calm, no matter what. It is unlikely that it will be possible to settle the matter with the world, so the best tactic is complete indifference to everything that happens. Artful Monkeys, most likely, will not be able to turn circumstances to their advantage. All their cunning plans will be revealed, it is better not to take any action. The Dragon can become a victim of gossip and intrigue. Only rest, idleness and meaningless conversations.

The hour of the Pig is favorable for the Rabbit: there is where to roam. You can safely schedule late business meetings and negotiations, it will turn out to achieve favorable conditions. A visit to friends or relatives will be no less fruitful: a good mood is guaranteed. People born in the year of the Goat can count on a pleasant evening with their families. Relatives will be ready to provide support; important topics can be raised. It is necessary to use this moment to achieve approval of your ideas. Tigers will be able to successfully complete all their plans, it is unlikely that there will be any complications. In addition, you can outline a work plan for tomorrow.

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