Rabbit Hour

Rabbit hour (5:00 – 7:00) — the beginning of the day, it’s time to wake up. It’s time to strengthen our position, create a reliable bridgehead for moving forward. You cannot indulge your weaknesses, despite laziness and the desire to soak in bed, you need to act decisively. Although the energy of the hour is quite soft, quarrels with others are not excluded. Moodiness, irritability — the consequences of poor sleep. It’s better to direct your energy towards creation than to tear your bad mood towards others. Everything possible must be done to facilitate the morning rise. Breathing exercises, yoga and a light breakfast will help the body to bounce back.

Rabbit Hour and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the prevailing elements, the nature of the Rabbit hour undergoes some changes. Each of the five elements has the ability to adjust what is happening in accordance with its own characteristics.

Wood Rabbit Hour strengthens diplomatic skills. I want to communicate, share with others my thoughts. This is hardly the best time for business meetings. Although the results of the negotiations would be excellent. But it will be possible to establish relations with loved ones. Important issues should not be hushed up; on the contrary, sore topics can be raised. It will be possible to reach an agreement, enlist the support of a close circle. This is a great opportunity to find a good mood for the whole day. Sincere smiles, affectionate words — a great emotional nourishment.

Fire Rabbit Hour promises a good start to the day. Creativity manifests itself especially vividly; there is no reason to limit your imagination. No need to be afraid to think boldly and vividly. Healthy ambition is a great help in business. It is worth planning the whole day to the smallest detail. It doesn’t matter how it will be possible to implement the plans, the main thing is to believe in your success. Morning fills with lightness, gives hope for the future. Although, you may have to face difficulties. During the day, many problems can arise, but you do not need to become discouraged in advance. It is important to charge with optimism, and the rest is a matter of chance.

Earth Rabbit Hour is a lull period ahead of an eventful day. However, one should not waste time in vain, hesitate to make decisions, counting on sudden insight. It is necessary to persistently move towards the intended goals. No matter what time it is, the main thing is to follow your inspiration. Let the body not wake up to the end, but nothing can stop the serene flow of thoughts. It is necessary to fix all the ideas that have arisen: attention to detail is the key to success. If there is no hope for memory, it is better to draw up a work plan for the day. You should be active in the morning, and you can relax in the evening.

Metal Rabbit Hour is the time to prepare for new challenges. Do not rush, take drastic actions. It is enough to wake up in a good mood to successfully realize all our plans. Spontaneity, inability to control oneself can ruin the most profitable business. It is necessary to act calmly, preferably in accordance with the previously outlined plan. It will be useful to consult with loved ones, find out their opinion about the upcoming work. Morning communication is a great opportunity to tune positive. At this hour, you need to be especially attentive to those who are nearby.

Water Rabbit Hour is designed for a leisurely awakening. Even with a busy schedule, do not rush. The senseless fuss will not help to achieve excellent results, on the contrary, the risk is great to take the wrong decision. Although you do not need to indulge your weaknesses. This is a time of creative and mental activity, you need to set yourself up for a fruitful day. You can mentally scroll through all the possible options for the development of events, highlight tasks of primary importance. If there is no desire to analyze the situation, you should trust the inner sensations. Intuition will help make the right choice.

Influence of the Rabbit Hour

Despite the harmless character of the patron, the Rabbit hour is not very successful for some signs of the Chinese zodiac. People born in the year of the Rooster should be restrained, no boasting, loud promises and criticism. Inability to control oneself can lead to a deterioration in relationships with others, especially with business partners. It is not recommended to schedule negotiations and meetings. Under the blow, the people of the Horse sign, their ambitious plans, most likely, will not come true. Disappointments and failures await the Dragons, if they suddenly decide to make a breakthrough in their careers. These signs are better to lie low and not do anything significant.

Dreamy and careless Goat will be able to enjoy peace. There is no need to be proactive; problems will be resolved by themselves. Especially lucky for entrepreneurs engaged in trade and services. Dog sign people can not be afraid of financial losses and troubles at work. The situation will contribute to a calm flow of affairs, it will be possible to conclude profitable agreements. Those born in the year of the Pig will not have to strain and exhaust themselves with excessive loads. Even if it becomes necessary to work, labor will be easy and not burdensome.

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