Rat Hour

The Rat hour (23:00 – 1:00) marks the beginning of a new day, the continuation of life. It is filled not only with anticipation of future events, but also with anxiety. Suspiciousness and sensitivity are increasing: thoughts about the future cause anxiety and fear. The level of intellectual activity is quite high. The brain works so fruitfully that decisions come by themselves. However, it is better to postpone the embodiment of ideas: this is the time for going to bed. The body must rest after a hard day’s work. Although there will be no lack of energy, physical activity should be minimized. It is necessary to complete all your affairs, outline plans for tomorrow – and sleep.

Rat Hour and 5 elements influence

The character of the patron leaves a certain imprint on everything that happens at the Rat hour. But the dominant element plays an equally important role. Having studied its properties, you can get a complete picture of all the features of this period of time.

Wood Rat Hour is favorable for communication, discussion of plans. It should refrain from any activity, physical work is strictly prohibited. You can not fuss, participate in disputes and engage in quarrels. Negative emotions can disturb the internal balance, lead to overexcitation. The tense atmosphere does not contribute to a comfortable pastime. This hour is favorable for leisurely conversations, confidential conversations. If you don’t want to share the secret, you can do relaxation exercises. The main thing is a complete focus on your inner feelings.

Fire Rat Hour is an ambiguous time, conflicts are not excluded. You should refrain from criticism and accusations if you suddenly have a desire to argue. This advice is especially relevant for couples. There is a great risk of destroying the relationship due to a minor trifle. Even the best of intentions may be misinterpreted. Better to postpone the conversation: morning is wiser than the evening. It is necessary to direct your thoughts in the right direction, for example, to make a list of urgent matters, to think over the details of the forthcoming work. However, no action should be taken, only outlines of future plans.

Earth Rat Hour is an alarming time: heavy thoughts haunt. There may be a feeling of incompleteness, understatement. However, one should not rush to conclusions and do not worsen their situation. No need to blame yourself for mistakes, sorting through the events of the past day in your head. Fussy attempts to rectify the situation will not bring the desired effect. Moreover, you should not "jam" the problem, although there may be an unbearable desire to have a bite to eat at night. It is better to direct energy towards practical goals. You can summarize the day, read before bedtime, preferably something positive.

Metal Rat Hour activates hidden reserves, enhances mental activity. Information is captured on the fly, the idea generator works to its fullest. You can develop a strategy for your behavior, outline ways to solve problems. However, do not get carried away with thoughts, the main purpose of this hour is rest and restoration of strength. If you can’t relax, distract from work, you can do breathing exercises or light scented candles. It is better to leave important matters for later, emotional or intellectual overstrain can lead to a breakdown.

Water Rat Hour tunes peaceful, it is characterized by a positive attitude. No aggression and bursts of irritation, only pleasant emotions. This is the right time for dating and forging relationships. Do not give up interesting events and meetings with friends. However, there is no need to lose heart if there is no way to relax in a fun company. It is enough to discuss painful problems with those who are nearby. It will not be difficult to reach agreement: others will be set up for dialogue. You can take time for your favorite business, the main thing is not to act contrary to your desires.

Influence of the Rat Hour

The patron of the hour interacts with the animal of the year of birth. Not always this cooperation can be called successful. People born under the sign of the Horse should be wary of the Rat’s hour, it carries the energy of destruction. It is better not to take any action, the most effective tactic is to take a wait and see attitude. The Rat hour for the Tiger is not too successful: troubles will wait at every turn. It is especially unfavorable for making deals and conducting trading operations. People under the sign of the Goat should not relax, quarrels with close people and financial losses are likely.

The Rat hour is successful for the Monkey, it strengthens perseverance and determination. The painstaking work requiring attention and perseverance will be especially good. You can take the time to literary work, creativity. People under the sign of the Dragon will be able to move far up the career ladder if they develop the correct algorithm of action. You should resort to the advice of older relatives, you can arrange a mini-meeting. Hour of the Rat will not bring trouble to the Boar, nothing will disturb his peace. It is better to use this time for reconciliation, the completion of family quarrels.

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