Rooster Hour

Rooster Hour (17:00 – 19:00) sets positive. The matter is approaching in the evening, day cares and problems are left behind. It’s time to take care of yourself, personal interests dominate the public. This is a period of strengthening family ties, loneliness is unacceptable. It is necessary to actively participate in the life of native people, to be interested in their affairs. An energetic interaction with a close environment will help restore strength after a hard day. You can plan a visit to friends, and if there is no such opportunity, talk on the phone. The main thing is to show your participation and express support.

Rooster Hour and 5 elements influence

In addition to the qualities of the Rooster, the patron saint of this period of time, the dominant element is of great importance. The mood, physical condition of a person, his actions and decisions are directly dependent on its properties.

Wood Rooster Hour warns against excessive obsession in communication. The desire to please others, to give practical advice can lead to misunderstanding. The atmosphere of relaxation, universal unity and good nature can cause a feeling of permissiveness. Do not impose your opinions on others, give instructions. Better to do business networking. At this time, the desire for cooperation is growing, there is a need for teamwork. If you motivate your colleagues correctly, you will be able to put together a strong team. The main thing is to be sincere and open to dialogue.

Fire Rooster Hour is a time of decisive action. The body is still quite awake, energy is breaking over the edge. There is a desire and strength, it remains only to set goals. Uncertain tasks should not be set. It is necessary to spend time with benefit, it is better to focus on personal relationships. The solution of working issues should be postponed until tomorrow, by this time the picture will become more clear. But family life can be complicated, delay must not be allowed. Soft, but effective measures will help increase your authority in the eyes of loved ones. You can arrange a family meeting during dinner or a joint holiday.

Earth Rooster Hour requires a caring and sympathetic attitude towards others. There will be both time and a desire to be interested in other people’s problems. Even after the end of the working day, there will remain forces to help others. Communication with close people will bring a lot of vivid emotions. You can plan a joint shopping trip or gather a family at the table. The main thing is to find a common cause. As for work, any activity will be successful with due diligence. It is necessary to show respect for the opinions of partners and colleagues. You can sacrifice your interests for the well-being of others.

Metal Rooster Hour is designed for hard work. It will be possible to complete the planned business, to reach profitable agreements. Decisive spirit, fighting qualities will help to overcome any difficulties. If before there was no desire to fight and go to the end, the behavior will be a little different. In this period, ambition is stronger than ever. Especially the hour is successful for people deprived of the strength of character, they will be able to defend their opinion. You can resort to the help of colleagues and even opponents, if they are willing to cooperate. It is important to act in the common interest, forgetting about our own egoism.

Water Rooster Hour does not require specifics in business, you can allow yourself to relax a bit. Circumstances contribute to a pleasant pastime, there is no need to torment yourself with loads. Eloquence, diplomacy will help achieve goals without making an effort. Representatives of creative professions will be especially successful. You do not have to seek support, prove your worth. Everything will turn out by itself: inspiration gives rise to new ideas. Fantasy strikes, the desire to create is a completely natural state of mind. Others will contribute to the implementation of plans.

Influence of the Rooster Hour

The result of the interaction of the patron of the year of birth and the animal hour does not always meet expectations. Various events are possible during this period, sometimes not the most pleasant ones. For people of the Rabbit sign, the hour of the Rooster brings only misfortune and disappointment. Too much fuss and empty anxiety, it is better to devote this time to rest, and not to business. Born in the year of the Rooster, they may have difficulty communicating, others will hostilely accept all offers. Do not hold meetings, schedule interviews. The Dog is likely to have problems in personal relationships, you need to leave serious conversations for later.

Active Oxen can be proud of their professional achievements. The end of the working day will be very successful, we can hope for a speedy increase. In financial terms, everything is even better, it is not forbidden to go shopping and spend a large amount of money. Representatives of the Dragon sign will be pleased with everything that happens: pleasant meetings, useful contacts, labor successes. Good luck on the side of smart and wise people, it’s time to embark on ambitious projects. Snakes must trust themselves, it is time to start fashion experiments: all changes for the better. You can visit a beauty salon, buy new outfits.

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