Snake Hour

Snake hour (9:00 – 11:00) — the heyday of intellectual activity. A high level of mental activity allows you to solve the most complex tasks. Thoughts flow easily and freely, brilliant ideas come on their own. No need to strain, to find ways to improve the situation. Everything develops exactly as it should. You should not waste precious time in vain, you must use it as efficiently as possible. It will not be difficult to disassemble the accumulated papers, complete previously begun work and outline new tasks. If you are not sure of the correctness of your actions, intuition will come to the rescue: during this period it is stronger than ever.

Snake Hour and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of each of the five elements, the characteristics of the hour of the Snake can manifest themselves in different ways. The properties of the dominant element affect everything that happens, including the emotional state of a person.

Wood Snake Hour awakens bright feelings, gives peace and harmony. It’s time to deal with your thoughts, determine your goals. No rush, bickering with others: complete calm, at least internal. You can not give in to provocations, to behave impudently and defiantly. However, one should not bend under other people, silently agree with the opinions of others. You must act in accordance with your own desires. This is a good time to participate in discussions and negotiations. You can get great pleasure from life without entering into a confrontation with the world.

Fire Snake Hour is a time of decisive action. The brain is so active that there will be no shortage of ideas, it remains only to correctly implement them. Will have to work hard to achieve recognition and success. Without diligence and diligence, it is unlikely that a small fraction of what was planned will be realized. Do not get carried away by frivolous conversations, it is better to stop on the discussion of important issues. In terms of business meetings, everything will turn out very well. Attracting people to your side is not difficult. The main thing is to control yourself, not to give free rein to emotions.

Earth Snake Hour promises financial success. You can use its energy to increase material well-being. With a competent distribution of forces, it is quite possible to increase your wealth. Real estate transactions and financial transactions will be successful, but they will require maximum concentration. You should not lend money, take part in risky projects, despite the high expected profit. No hasty decisions should be made, although it is unacceptable to spend too much time thinking. The best advisers in business are forethought and intuition.

Metal Snake Hour requires caution in communicating with others. Strength of mind, determination can elevate to the pinnacle of success. This period is ideal for embodying ambitious ideas, luck will accompany all those involved in the field of trade and finance. Management activity will be no less successful. However, because of stubbornness, unwillingness to make concessions, it is possible to spoil relations with the right people. It is worth refraining from criticism. A good help in business is intuition. At the slightest fear, all plans should be postponed: it’s better not to be in time than to spoil your reputation.

Water Snake Hour suggests being slow in business. No fuss, only firm confidence in the correctness of their actions. If you add a wonderful flair to equanimity and inner calm, you can achieve tremendous success. People employed in the financial sector will be in the most advantageous position. The ability to think rationally, accuracy, attention to detail will brilliantly cope with the tasks. However, behind the slowness and slowness, insecurity in one’s strengths may be hidden. You can’t give slack, follow your emotions.

Influence of the Snake Hour

For some signs, the protection of the Snake does not promise prosperity, on the contrary, it threatens with big troubles. You should not take any meaningful actions to people born in the year of the Pig. It is necessary to refrain from any initiatives, all good intentions will turn into collapse. Although you can ask for help from loved ones. Not in the best shape will be representatives of the sign of the Tiger. For them, this time is not of interest: everything stretches too slowly. Temper, impatience can lead to conflicts with others. People of the Rat sign should be especially careful when handling money.

The Union of the Snake and the Ox is extremely successful, do not miss the chance to improve your financial situation. Financial operations, negotiations, real estate transactions, physical work — everything will work out. No restrictions, you can proceed to the most difficult things. Good luck will accompany everyone born in the year of the Rooster. The hour of the Snake is especially favorable for financiers and businessmen: profits will exceed all expectations. Although a little caution does not hurt. You won’t have to complain about the failures to the Rabbits: the good things are pouring in from a cornucopia. Creative people will be able to achieve recognition, even if before their ideas were not in demand.

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