Tiger Hour

The Tiger hour (3:00 – 5:00) is on guard of sleep. This is a time of peace and solitude: everything around freezes in anticipation of a new day. The body replenishes its energy reserves, prepares for future achievements. During this period, especially vivid dreams, some of them are prophetic. However, the hour of awakening is near, the consciousness becomes more mobile. If suddenly the night vision is interrupted, it will be very difficult to fall asleep. Excessive activity should not be shown; everything possible must be done to return to the kingdom of Morpheus. It will be useful to think about something pleasant, do breathing exercises and just relax.

Tiger Hour and 5 elements influence

The individual characteristics of the patron largely determine the nature of the Tiger hour. However, the intervention of the prevailing elements can change the course of events, give them a different, sometimes opposite, direction.

Wood Tiger Hour promises a sound sleep: a state of peace and tranquility is conducive to relaxation. At the same time, he gives impulsivity, arouses the thirst for activity. People who are awake can feel a surge of strength and energy. This is a great opportunity to complete the work begun, to achieve justice. It will be useful to learn something new, do creative work. However, you should give preference to sleep. This is a period of beautiful visions: an endless flight of imagination and a lot of inspiration. Armed with nightly tips, you can easily carry out your ideas in the daytime.

Fire Tiger Hour requires caution: restraint can lead to trouble. Uncontrolled outbursts of anger and aggression can increase nervous tension. You can not follow the negative emotions, you should drive bad thoughts from yourself. The main task is to get a good night’s sleep, gain strength for future achievements. It is better to postpone all things, not to be active without emergency. If you can’t relax before bedtime, you can use the visualization method. Pictures of a happy future inspire optimism: everything planned will certainly come true.

Earth Tiger Hour is auspicious for thought, it’s time to build far-reaching plans. However, this advice is only relevant if there is a need for urgent work. This period is especially successful for people engaged in sales, financiers and businessmen. Physical activity is unacceptable, you should completely focus on the analysis of the situation. Thanks to a well-developed strategy, it will be possible to get good results in the near future. However, the priority is rest, you should not sacrifice your health for the sake of mercantile interests.

Metal Tiger Hour does not tolerate intrigue, lies and deceit. There is nothing more important than justice. The slightest errors and inaccuracies are perceived especially painfully. Therefore, you should not take any serious steps at this time. Although people associated with law and law enforcement will be able to achieve significant success. The protection of other people’s rights and interests is a noble goal; one should not restrain one’s enthusiasm. However, this is the exception rather than the rule. It is worth taking care of your physical and mental health. It is better to spend this time in bed, and not on guard of general calm.

Water Tiger Hour is designed for sound and healthy sleep. We need to leave the problems in the past, there is a lot of interesting things ahead. A new day will bring new worries and chores. You must be prepared for any turn of events. The best solution is to step aside from everything earthly, completely surrendering to the power of dreams. Although creative and impressionable natures may have trouble falling asleep. If during the day you had to face injustice, the soul is in full swing with indignation and demands retribution, you need to forget about everything. One has only to “nullify” unpleasant memories, as life makes sense.

Influence of the Tiger Hour

For some signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Tiger hour is a serious threat. It is better to wait out this unfavorable period, the actions taken will not bring the proper result. This advice is especially relevant for people born in the year of the Monkey. It is necessary to postpone negotiations, conclusion of transactions until a more appropriate time. Any words and deeds will be regarded by others as a challenge and provocation. You should be careful about Snakes: you can not participate in disputes and insist on your opinion. Will have to give up their ambitions. No less difficult situation is for people of the Ox sign, their noble aspirations will turn into collapse.

The strong energy of the Tiger Hour encourages decisive, and most importantly, deliberate actions. People born under the sign of the Horse will be able to achieve great success in their professional activities. Moreover, this is not about specific actions; one can limit oneself to planning a case for a week. Good luck will accompany the good-natured Dog, but all thoughts should be aimed at helping others. Recommended activities: medicine, volunteering. You don’t have to discourage people with the sign of the Rooster, perhaps you can have fun. Even with heavy workload at work, one should not forget about entertainment.

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