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According to the Chinese calendar, a solar month is a period of time for which the Sun passes 30° in its orbit. Each of them is associated with a particular zodiac animal. It is in his power to change the course of events, to give them a certain color. It is believed that the influence of an animal patron extends not only to current life, but also to the character of a person born under his sign. Each of the 12 months has individual characteristics, which allows you to get an idea of your future. Having studied the nature of the patron animal, you can foresee all the dangerous moments so as not to miss the chance to change your fate.

In addition to the animal of the month, the Chinese calendar takes into account the impact of the dominant elements. All five elements have their own unique set of properties that transform life to one degree or another. Changing elements occurs every 12 months. Thus, the full cycle is 60 months or 5 years. During this period, the signs are repeated, 12 zodiac animals come into their rights in accordance with the established procedure. However, the prevailing element makes its own adjustments, as a result of which the nature of the patron undergoes significant changes. Based on what, you can get more specific information about the month of interest.

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