Dragon Month

In the Dragon month (April 4/5 — May 4/5), events are developing so rapidly that it is impossible to predict how life will turn out. At the same time, despite the riot of emotions, feelings and colors, the situation may not meet expectations. It is necessary to resist the desire to act without hesitation, relying only on luck. Let nothing indicate the danger of getting involved in a dubious story, be careful. If at the beginning of the month the situation will develop in the most optimistic way, in the last decade everything may change dramatically. We’ll either have to let things go by themselves, or take everything that happens with excessive seriousness. In any case, it will be difficult to strike a balance between violent activity and peace of mind.

With due attention and diligence, all that is planned can be achieved. The Dragon month promises easy success, prosperity and good luck, but this does not mean that the promise will be presented on a silver platter. Will have to show a lot of effort to prove their right to happiness. It is important to remember that you can’t rush: the rush is fatal. An important role will be played by the ability to maintain self-control in the most difficult days of this month. Undoubtedly, luck will accompany in all matters, which cannot but rejoice. However, special attention should be paid to the preparatory phase, otherwise you can not reach the finish line. It is necessary to show wisdom, patience, only in this case you can count on the favor of fate.

Dragon Month and 5 elements influence

Everything that happens in the month of the Dragon, including the emotional mood and human relationships, is in the power of the prevailing element. Under its influence, events can take the most unpredictable turn. For example, the Wood gives to all actions not only flexibility, but also impulsivity. The element of Fire testifies to a stormy temperament, indefatigable cheerfulness. Earth strengthens the craving for hoarding, reveals financial talents, and Metal sharpenes ambition, desire for career growth. The element of Water endows vulnerability, sincerity, but at the same time gives rise to suspiciousness, incredulity.

Wood Dragon Month promises to be fulfilled. It is possible that the result achieved will exceed expectations, pleasant surprises are not excluded. From the very beginning of the month, events will take shape exactly as planned. You won’t have to worry about minor inconsistencies in business, problems in relationships with others. Although completely surrendering to the power of rainbow dreams and hopes, perhaps, is not worth it. Life is full of surprises, it is likely that at the end of the month you will have to face serious obstacles in your path. However, the Dragon forces are enough to brilliantly cope with difficulties. The main thing is to maintain equanimity, regardless of the circumstances.

Fire Dragon Month involves active participation in work and public life. Circumstances will develop in such a way that you have to delve into every little thing. Moreover, others will not claim leadership, so you can not be afraid of rivals and competitors. It remains only to calmly deal with the planned affairs — the support and approval of society is guaranteed. No matter how original the ideas are, you can safely proceed to their implementation not only in the first decade, but also at the end of the month. The specifics of this period is such that everything that happens will contribute to the success of determined and determined people. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard, and the reward will not take long, albeit not immediately, but for sure for a year.

Earth Dragon Month requires practicality, self-discipline. It is necessary to organize your life in such a way that there are no surprises in it. Perhaps a carefully planned life will get bored pretty quickly, but in a different way. You should spend more time outdoors, craving for naturalness is the main difference of this month. There is no need to pretend to try to make a better impression than it really is. The ability to think soberly, not to build illusions will be quite useful if you find the right application of your time. You just need to find the right direction — and you can be sure of your own well-being. If time is lost, it is not recommended to act actively in the last decade of the month, it is better to wait for a more suitable case.

Metal Dragon Month is for good deeds, it’s time to show your nobility. Despite some rigidity, which can suddenly manifest in character, it will be possible to establish contact with people. Although the temptation to prove to everyone their own superiority will be strong enough, everything possible must be done so as not to slide into narcissism. All of your energy should be directed toward creation, not destruction. If you think over the tactics of behavior at the beginning of the month, everything will work out — and realize your ambitious plans and make new friends. But stubbornness, intransigence can cause so many problems that it is unlikely to be able to cope with their consequences even in the next month.

Water Dragon Month favorable for planning, leisurely reasoning and emotional communication. There is no need to rush, make rash decisions, overcome obstacles. However, a measured lifestyle does not imply tremendous success. Do not wait for the implementation of your ambitious plans, dream of universal recognition. You just need to decide what comes first: career, material well-being or your own peace of mind. Although there will still be time for the implementation of all this, if we correctly distribute our forces and draw up a detailed plan for the future. In any case, in the last decade of the month it is worth taking stock and determining the future course.

Wisdom of the Dragon Month

The Dragon month does not tolerate amateurism, so all actions must be carefully considered. If there is a need to hold important negotiations or take part in a meeting, you need to properly prepare for your speech. When communicating with partners, superiors, close associates, tact and patience should be shown. You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation and miss out on a profitable offer due to your own intemperance.

Particular attention should be paid to your leisure. If you have the opportunity to relax a bit, it is better to give preference to a trip to unique natural places. You can go on business trips, conclude financial transactions. It is quite acceptable to spend money on your whims, but subject to an important condition — to plan the budget for the month ahead.

In the Dragon month, you should refrain from participating in large projects. It is not recommended to switch to another job, to plan a move to a new place of residence. Do not settle for tempting offers to invest money profitably, fraud is possible. It will not be superfluous to carefully study the documents when signing contracts and concluding transactions.

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