Goat Month

The Goat month (July 7/8 — August 6/7) is filled with contradictions, it will be quite difficult to sort out your feelings and desires. I want something that does not happen or is impossible to get, at the same time it does not suit what is freely available. If at the beginning of the month confusion, uncertainty is a normal state, in the last decade you will have to answer for your inaction. Despite the sluggishness, leisurelyness — characteristic features of this period, you should pull yourself together and stop swimming with the flow. Although nothing bad will happen if you do not fight with your own lack of will: the world will not collapse. However, problems tend to accumulate. It will still have to reap the benefits of your laziness, if not now, at the end of the year, for sure.

With all the uncertainties in business, you can not worry about relationships with others. In the Goat month, there is a tendency for rapprochement between people. If before that there were difficulties in communication, there will be a chance to smooth out awkward moments. You can count on friendly support, participation and a reverent attitude even from unfamiliar people. However, conflict situations are not excluded, the last decade will be especially difficult in this regard. You can’t accumulate resentment, it’s better to immediately state your position on all contentious issues. Although it is impossible to go too far with revelations, there is a great risk of sliding into whining and tediousness. People around you can get tired of the flow of complaints and nit-picking. It is necessary to observe the measure in everything, the ability to control oneself is a sign of wisdom.

Goat Month and 5 elements influence

The character of the Goat month is largely influenced by the dominant element. Everything that happens during this period of time is directly dependent on one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. The unique properties of each element can change the course of events, give them a certain direction. The Wood indicates a thirst for knowledge, the desire for personal growth. The Fire element represents action, emotionality, Earth — peace, judgment. Metal means strength, determination, uncompromising. The element of Water is characterized by softness, sensitivity.

Wood Goat Month appeals to the voice of reason: it is time to put things in order. Although it will be quite difficult to do this, because there are a lot of advisers and disinterested assistants around. If you spend all your time on communication, endless coordination on the simplest issues, you can not expect any significant results. It is necessary to clearly define the range of priorities and not be distracted by trifles. Although many people may not like this behavior, but in the first place is their own well-being. At the beginning of the month, the main thing is work, but in the last decade you can relax and behave as you like. If succumbed to emotions and passions, it is easy to lose. However, do not exclude the possibility of getting everything thanks to a lucky accident.

Fire Goat Month will not be deprived of some expressiveness, while it will pass quite calmly. From the first days it is necessary to determine the tactics of behavior. If there is a desire to succeed in life, then you need to leave doubts and feelings. It is necessary to move forward, despite the grimaces of fate and the machinations of ill-wishers. At the same time, if you don’t have enough confidence that you are right, it’s better to wait with decisive action. In any case, you should rely only on your own strengths. In this regard, it will not be superfluous to learn to control yourself: liveliness and excessive gaiety are not always appropriate. At least it’s worth lowering the degree of passions. If at the end of the month you can’t avoid the trouble, you should only blame yourself.

Earth Goat Month — is intended for accumulation, first of all you need to take care of your financial situation. Care should be taken to avoid unplanned purchases. If you can refrain from squandering, you can make a serious foundation for the future. In addition, you must grab at any opportunity to earn extra money. Do not think that such behavior is contrary to the nature of the Goat, seeking to receive only pleasure from life. This month promises a significant improvement in financial condition, but nothing is given for nothing. You will have to try a lot to confirm your right to a comfortable life. At the end of the month you can treat yourself to cute trinkets, but within reason.

Metal Goat Month arouses a desire to communicate, no matter with whom and for what reason. Sometimes it will seem that meeting interesting people is much more important than anything else. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but there is a great risk of starting things up. If at the beginning of the month the situation is quite optimistic, by the middle some deterioration is possible, and at the end — a complete collapse. You should think about how to arrange your life so as not to lose your usual well-being. At the same time, if until now there was no reason to be proud of your achievements, you can significantly improve things. It will be useful to make profitable contacts, enlist the support of influential people. In any case, you need to act on the situation: keeping your nose in the wind is a very useful skill.

Water Goat Month — gives a feeling of peace and comfort. Everything around is saturated with a spirit of goodwill, which cannot but tune positive. In such an environment, work is only a matter of debate, and mutual understanding reigns in personal life. However, this rainbow picture will be incomplete without an important addition: work and perseverance. Maximum commitment is needed, otherwise it will be difficult to build an ideal world. It is necessary to determine the tasks of prime importance, from the first days to work extremely responsibly and with great zeal. Only in this case can you count on a well-deserved reward at the end of the month. If it was not possible to complete all the work begun, you will have to postpone them for a while. It is unlikely to work just as fruitfully next month.

Wisdom of the Goat Month

In the Goat month, family ties are of particular importance, it is necessary to see close people as often as possible. Even if there is no reason to meet, you need to come up with it and arrange a family celebration. Children’s holidays will be especially successful. It is equally important to maintain friendships and make new friends.

A work schedule for the whole month should be drawn up, things should not be left to chance. You can start training, attend various courses and seminars. Pleasant surprises associated with a career are likely, one should expect an increase in salary or advancement in the career ladder. If it becomes possible to change jobs, you must consider all the options currently available.

In the Goat month, you should not move to a new place of residence, you must be careful when traveling long distances. It is better to refrain from large financial transactions, you can not exceed the planned costs. However, it is not permissible to save on gifts and refuse to those who need help.

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