Horse Month

The Horse month (June 5/6 — July 6/7) promises bright events: you won’t be bored. You can expect changes in personal and professional life, strengthening the financial situation. Although much will depend on personal initiative, negligence in actions and words can lead to very unpleasant consequences. In any case, there will be a chance to prove oneself from the best side, do not neglect the opportunities that have opened up. Throughout the entire period, it is necessary to work much and hard, not hoping to improve things at the expense of others. The Horse is generous with gifts, but it is very demanding. There can be no talk of any relaxation, the motto of this month: you can — do it. You should be serious about everything that happens, not succumbing to the temptation to loaf.

The situation during the Horse month can change dramatically, not always for the better. However, it is important to remain steadfast in spite of everything, no matter what, panic should not be given in. Even if it seems that there is no strength left for the struggle, victory is inevitable. Let the future be seen in gloomy colors at the beginning of the month, this hunch is deceiving. Especially successful will be the last decade, but subject to full focus on business. Do not limit yourself to actions, any experiments are permissible, the main thing is to achieve the goal. Good luck will accompany active people who are ready to be responsible for the decisions made. Although a little ease in communication does not hurt, seriousness is not conducive to trusting relationships.

Horse Month and 5 elements influence

An analysis of the dominant elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water will help to get a complete picture of the nature of the Horse month. Each of these elements has a unique set of properties that set the tone for everything that happens. If we are talking about the Wood element, we can count on a positive scenario for the development of the situation. Fire gives words and actions liveliness, impulsivity, and the Earth, on the contrary, has a tendency to slow down. The element of Metal is responsible for clarity of mind, Water — for intelligence, the ability to empathy.

Wood Horse Month does not tolerate rashness in words and deeds. If a specific decision has been made, then it must be implemented exactly as intended. It is strictly forbidden to jabber, deceive, intrigue, but it is not forbidden to act in full force. Although not everyone will understand such a fanatical devotion to the cause, it is the secret of success that lies in responsibility and composure. Moreover, it is advisable to work in a team, this period is not the best time for individual work. You should set yourself up for cooperation at the beginning of the month, it is dangerous to rely only on your own strengths. Goodwill, sincerity and naturalness will help win over people.

Fire Horse Month promises a rapid development of events, we can hope for an interesting pastime. Although not everyone will like the incessant kaleidoscope of events, one should be comforted by the thought — all for the better. If in the first decade to take a series of correct actions, well-being awaits in business. An important clarification: you should not count on success without serious work on yourself. If there is no understanding in which direction to move, you need to stop: chaotic actions will lead to a deplorable result. At the end of the month, faced with problems, you must first turn to yourself. Perhaps enthusiasm, cheerfulness can brighten up everyday life, but can not lead to victory if there is no understanding of the ultimate goal.

Earth Horse Month bodes a lot of work, but you should not be afraid of this, it will be extremely productive. Things will work out so easily that time will fly by. Already in the middle of the month it will become clear that the results obtained far exceed expectations. However, quick success can turn your head, euphoria from everything that happens should not overshadow the mind. There are those who wish to share the triumph without a single drop of effort. If you go on about these people, you may find yourself in a very unpleasant situation. It is necessary to try a lot in order to maintain a balance between emotional sensitivity and ambition. It is possible to maintain good relations with others, but at the same time achieve tremendous success.

Metal Horse Month calls for caution: not everything is as rosy as it seems. Although nothing will impede the implementation of the plan, it is not necessary to exclude unpleasant surprises. There is a great risk of getting stuck in problems due to our own impatience and obstinacy. Perhaps in the last decade, passions will subside, but throughout the month major conflicts and minor disagreements are not ruled out. Moreover, the relationship may deteriorate due to a mere trifle, which no one had previously paid attention to. One can only hope for the prudence of others, as it will be difficult to cope with their own emotions. Therefore, it is better to postpone controversial issues to a more convenient moment. If you can’t hesitate with a decision, you need to take it on a sober head.

Water Horse Month is favorable for communication, it is necessary to see friends and family as often as possible. You can not spare time for loved ones, the received emotions will help to cope with future adversities. The end of the month is especially indicative in this regard; one should expect the arrival of guests or a meeting with old friends. Now it is much more important to gain a charge of vivacity and positive energy than to succeed in business. There will still be a chance to improve their financial situation, there will be success in their careers, and the opportunity to establish relationships with loved ones may not appear. It is communication that can give impetus to future achievements. Probably, a tempting offer will come, it will turn out to turn your favorite business into a profitable business — and all this thanks to friendly relations.

Wisdom of the Horse Month

Horse month is favorable for ending conflicts: if you make the proper effort, you will be able to reach agreement on many issues. It will be useful to gain support from influential people, making new acquaintances will be beneficial in terms of business cooperation. Transactions and contracts will bring great profit, but only if the preparatory stage is thought out to the smallest detail.

Any trips, especially family trips, will be quite successful. Business trips are no less favorable. Although it will not be amiss to protect yourself from injuries, it is better to abandon extreme tourism. In other cases, active physical activity is only welcome. You can play sports, take part in wellness programs.

It is necessary to limit communication with unpleasant people: in the Horse month, even small quarrels can significantly complicate life. It is especially dangerous to enter into disputes with the leader, criticize his actions, interfere in the work process. You should not change your place of work, but you can send resumes and view vacancies. Special care must be taken in spending; it is better not to make rash purchases.

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