Monkey Month

In the Monkey month (August 7/8 — September 6/7), you can expect anything, but not silence and tranquility. Most likely, you won’t have to worry about the success of your endeavors: all for the better. There will be enough energy and strength for something that hands did not reach before. Moreover, the work will argue so easily that involuntarily there will be thoughts of incredible luck. However, these are only manifestations of the character of a brisk animal: fun, mischief, indefatigable curiosity. You should not limit yourself to anything, on the contrary, you need to give free rein to fantasies. If it is not possible to realize the plan, the process itself will bring so much pleasure that at the end of the month there will be no reason for sadness. Any, even meaningless actions will do good, you just need to think about how best to use the capabilities of this month.

Although the outlook for the Monkey month is mostly positive, some difficulties in dealing with people should not be ruled out. During the entire period, clashes with others may occur. The fact is that the cheerfulness, spontaneity inherent in the Monkey may seem inappropriate to many in these circumstances. Do not aggravate the situation, bring it to conflict. It is much nicer to maintain friendly relations with everyone. At the very beginning of the month, we should set ourselves the task: to live this period happily, no matter what. There is no need to be sad and sad, for a melancholy mood there is a more suitable case. It is necessary to develop a foundation for the future, to take only the best from every day.

Monkey Month and 5 elements influence

The nature of the events, feelings and actions of people are directly dependent on the prevailing elements. Monkey month has not only the properties of an animal patron, but also takes on the characteristics of each of the five elements. If the Wood gives benevolence, prudence, then Fire inflames passions, strengthens the tendency to risk. The Earth element means conservatism, stability, Metal — decisiveness, perseverance. The Water element indicates a powerful intellect, a desire to develop.

Wood Monkey Month is suitable for the realization of long-standing desires. In addition to rabid energy, indefatigability, an emphasis should be placed on internal sensations. It is not necessary to know, the main thing is to be able to predict. Even if at the beginning of the month it may seem that the hopes are not fulfilled, you need to follow your choice. Good luck will be on the side of those who know how to achieve their goals by any means. It is not forbidden to resort to the help of influential acquaintances, which is especially nice: you do not have to humble yourself and fawn. Others will be ready to provide assistance upon request. Do not be shy: it is better to clearly state your position than to spend time on intrigue. At the end of the month, diligence and perseverance will be rewarded.

Fire Monkey Month is filled with optimism, we should expect pleasant events. Even if the plan is not fulfilled, it will be possible to move forward. It remains only to determine their desires, and it is necessary to clearly formulate the tasks. If you don’t have an understanding of the final goal or if there is no persistence, you should not complain about unimportant results in the last decade of the month. Fate gives a chance to significantly improve life, you just need to properly distribute your strength. Although chaos cannot be completely ruled out, the situation can be corrected by directing energy in the right direction. It will be useful to listen to the advice of others, but this condition is optional. The energy of the month is such that a stormy temperament is not an obstacle to success.

Earth Monkey Month is conducive to cooperation, you can not stay alone. Any obstacles can be overcome if there is support for the team. There is no need to be afraid to attract attention; on the contrary, it is recommended to act freely and naturally. There is no need to sacrifice your interests for the sake of business: it is unlikely to have to face serious obstacles. Everything that happens will resemble an interesting game, so it will be possible to achieve high results, with little or no effort. If in the middle of the month there is a feeling of emptiness, you can not give in to despondency. It is necessary to reconsider the strategy of behavior: you should consult with people more, involve them in their own affairs.

Metal Monkey Month involves activity in all areas of life. Firmness, strong will, perseverance are the hallmarks of this period. Perhaps in the last decade there will be time to relax, but during the whole month you will have to work hard. However, the effort will pay off in the very near future, so the future should not inspire concern. You can safely make plans, no matter how unrealistic they may seem, everything will work out. New acquaintances will bring great pleasure, you do not need to limit your social circle only to family. You should spend as much time with people as possible. Personal charm will play an important role, it is worthwhile to focus on artistic data.

Water Monkey Month is favorable for social activities. Everything undertaken during this period will have long-lasting consequences. If you manage to win over people, you can hope for a favorable outcome for any business. The secret to success is a positive attitude and a lack of complaints about others. One has only to give vent to feelings, a showdown can not be avoided. One cannot be offended even on the most significant occasions; one should be gentle, kindhearted to all, without exception. In the middle of the month, it may seem that the direction was chosen incorrectly, the efforts were wasted. However, this feeling is wrong, the ability to get along with people, the ability to conduct a constructive dialogue is the main achievement of the month.

Wisdom of the Monkey Month

In the Monkey month, you can’t lead a passive lifestyle, it is important to be aware of all the events taking place. Any intellectual activity is useful, it is necessary to strive for professional development and personal growth. You should not miss a single opportunity to learn something new, meet interesting people. Even if the profession is not related to intellectual work, it is necessary to attend cultural events as often as possible.

Favorable period for travel, business trips. You can go on a visit, take friends and family at home. In professional terms, do not limit communication with colleagues to just a discussion of working moments. It is recommended to organize corporate holidays, to conduct negotiations in an informal setting. Especially effective will be training aimed at team building.

In the Monkey month, you can’t be careless while driving a car. In addition, open fire sources, electrical appliances pose a danger. It is not necessary to conclude financial transactions, conduct operations with large amounts. It is better not to give or borrow money. Do not venture to repair, large-scale alterations in the apartment or house.

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