Ox Month

The Ox month (January 5/6 — February 3/4) requires restraint and prudence: the mind reigns in everything. Passions and emotions should be left for later, not the time to live with feelings. Everything that happens should be subject to an assessment of reason and common sense. It is better to be known as a cautious, even suspicious person, than to get into trouble. It seems that nothing bad will happen if you allow yourself to relax a bit. Perhaps momentary desires and whims are worth any sacrifice, but not this month. If you persistently not notice problems, enjoying imaginary well-being, in the last decade you will have to face many difficulties. It is better to submit to the will of the Ox, to adopt his manner of calmly and patiently moving forward, not for a moment forgetting about the main business of life — work.

With all the focus on everyday problems, which requires the Ox month, you need to find time to sort out your feelings. One should not demonstrate confusion, exacerbate self-doubt. It is necessary to determine your priorities at the very beginning of the month. If you can’t cope with doubts and feelings, and others are not able to help, it is better to take a break in communication. Otherwise, it will be difficult to avoid a scandal, and this could negatively affect the future. Chaos and confusion in the personal and professional spheres, if not immediately, but will begin to poison life. The situation will escalate at the end of the month. However, everything is fixable: a cold mind and patience are the best recipe for all problems.

Ox Month and 5 elements influence

In addition to the influence of the animal protector of the month, all spheres of life are dependent on one of the five elements. Each of them has a dominant effect on the fate of a person and current events. It is this influence that can explain the features inherent in a particular Ox month. For example, the Wood represents hardness and patience, and Fire — passion, impulsivity. The Earth element gives action practicality and solidity. The element of Metal indicates rigidity and strength, Water — softness, delicacy.

Wood Ox Month is full of surprises, although it is associated with stability. It seems that nothing portends bright events and adventures, only hard work day after day. At the same time, the level of need for creativity is quite high, I want to develop, to learn new things. Peak confrontation may occur in the middle of the month. Therefore, it is so important to be able to negotiate with yourself, to distribute forces correctly. If you want to strengthen your financial situation, then you need to focus on earthly affairs. It is necessary to surrender completely to the power of creativity if all domestic and working issues are resolved. In any case, you can’t change yourself, a violation of internal harmony is fraught with flashes of irritation.

Fire OX Month implies relative stability in all areas of life. Although temptations cannot be avoided, the desire to succumb to their feelings will be quite strong. However, it should be remembered that in the first place the mind, and emotions in the second. If you give yourself the opportunity to slowly think about what is happening around, you can avoid trouble. Perhaps at the beginning of the month the situation will not be very stable, but with a reasonable approach, the situation will certainly change, no doubt, for the better. The main thing is tight control over your words and actions. It must be remembered that each action must have a specific result. Random movement in space is unacceptable.

Earth Ox Month will be marked by stability. There is no doubt, no matter how the circumstances, the efforts will not be in vain. Although from the outside it may seem that life is not at all cloudless. However, the reality is that the decisions made, albeit erroneous, will still lead to an excellent result. It just takes time for everything to fall into place. If in the middle of the month the situation seems critical, then in the last decade we can hope for a successful outcome. Moreover, those who previously inserted sticks into the wheels will suddenly change their mind and join the ranks of the allies. The secret is quite simple — perseverance, hard work and sincere faith in your success.

Metal Ox Month is a time to accomplish feats. If until recently you didn’t have the chance to show yourself clearly, you can begin to act. However, it is important to observe the main condition — caution. First of all, you should think about the usefulness of the case, and not try to prove your own right, no matter what. If aggressive tactics bear fruit in the first decade, in the last days of the month you will have to pay for your self-confidence. Do not think that irrepressible assertiveness will go unnoticed. All that with such difficulty was obtained, can disappear in one minute. No need to command, give advice, it is much easier to attract people to your side, showing respect for them. In this case, the victims will not be in vain, and the achievements will be significant.

Water Ox Month is suitable for organizational work. And you don’t have to strain much, it is painful to find ways to solve problems. Everything will turn out quite easily, and if difficulties arise, there will be influential patrons and assistants. All energy should go to the intellect, and not to senseless and chaotic running around — an imitation of violent activity. The ability to fully concentrate on the matter will be most welcome. However, do not wait for quick results. If at the end of the month it is not possible to carry out the plan, then it will have to continue its work. It is important to make sure that the chosen direction is correct. Signs of fate will help to understand this: if there are no serious obstacles, circumstances are in the best way — success is guaranteed.

Wisdom of the Ox Month

The Ox month is a time of restoration of vital energy and strength. It is recommended that you schedule your work in such a way as to avoid serious overload. This period is good for cases related to construction and repair. Any contact with the land is useful, you can plan garden work. Collective labor is especially favorable; any joint activity should be encouraged.

In terms of a career, you should expect the conclusion of profitable contracts and transactions, but you should carefully prepare the documents. The slightest mistake is fraught with serious consequences. Cooperation with long-standing partners will be further strengthened, it may be possible to make new profitable acquaintances. You can go on a business trip if it was long planned.

In the Ox month, one should refrain from actions that can radically change life. You should not move to a new place of work, appoint important negotiations. There can be no talk of changing the sphere of activity and place of residence. It is better to limit yourself to sending out resumes and viewing real estate ads. Any conflicts are unacceptable, family quarrels are especially dangerous.

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