Pig Month

The Pig month (November 7/8 — December 6/7) is designed for pleasure, and the most unpretentious. Probably, luxurious parties, resounding success, vivid love adventures pass by. But you can count on a cozy and comfortable life, devoid of worries. From the first days of the month one should not contradict the Pig’s desire to get the most out of everything that happens. It is possible, with a clear conscience, to postpone important work until later — this is not the right time for grandiose achievements. An atmosphere of peace and silence will help restore mental strength. It is necessary to save energy for really significant things. Pleasant communication, relaxation with family, friendly gatherings — all that is needed for happiness in this period of time.

Throughout the Pig month, you should expect a lot of pleasant surprises. Let some simple joys seem unworthy of attention. However, it is in cute little things that the charm of this period is manifested. If by the end of the month there is not a single reason to recall the past with regret, the time was not wasted. It should save energy, it is better to act carefully. It is necessary to accumulate and acquire, and not waste yourself and money for nothing. In addition, one should beware of intrigue and deception. Everything that happens will not inspire concern, on the contrary, a feeling of complete peace and security may arise. However, we must not forget about elementary caution, not everyone is able to justify the trust placed. Good nature can bring suffering.

Pig Month and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the prevailing elements, the Pig month can acquire features that are usually not characteristic of the patron animal. Each of the five elements is able to change the course of events, to give them an individual coloring. Knowing the characteristics of a particular element will help to understand the essence of what is happening. For example, the Wood indicates the desire for personal growth, the ability to develop and reach new heights. The element of Fire testifies to impatience, temper. The Earth element gives reliability, confidence, and the Metal — ambitiousness, intractability. Water represents a strong intuition, a tendency to think.

Wood Pig Month is suitable for communication, but involves some detachment: friendship at a distance is an ideal format of relations. However, one should not avoid people, hide their feelings and thoughts from them, in a word, behave like a fearful animal. People around them will show interest, try to make contact. If you want, you can achieve a lot, it is perfectly acceptable to manipulate the consciousness of people. Everyone is pleased to be the soul of the company, the more the situation has this. At the same time, public interests should not be in the first place, it is better to focus on yourself. At the beginning of the month, it is necessary to set certain goals and persistently achieve them. Let the result turn out to be insignificant, the main thing is not to spray on trifles.

Fire Pig Month does not exclude some problems in professional and personal life. There is no reason for serious alarm, but caution will not be superfluous. It is always useful to have several options for solving the problem. Despite the benevolent nature of the patron animal, it is likely to be in an unpleasant situation. The cause of failure may lie in the stubbornness and intransigence inherent in the Pig. One has only to lose vigilance for a while, to let things go by themselves, then all plans will collapse like a house of cards. It is necessary to participate in the feelings of people, try to find a common language with them. It is the support of others that will help to cope with all difficulties, together it is easier to bear any hardships.

Earth Pig Month is the time to receive well-deserved rewards. The situation will help ensure that things work out in the best possible way. It will turn out not only to implement all the plans, but also save energy. Although others will be a little surprised by the rapid development of events. Meanwhile, success is highly predictable: everyone gets what they deserve. If at the beginning of the month nothing will portend a triumph, in the last decade we should expect many pleasant surprises. Fate will reward those who are not looking for easy ways, but who work hard and hard. In addition to increasing material wealth, which is quite expected during this period, communication with family and friends will bring great joy.

Metal Pig Month is favorable for any action aimed at career development. Good luck will accompany business, problems will be avoided thanks to hard work and diligence. Perhaps focusing on work will distract from your personal life, but you should not miss the chance to improve your situation. Moreover, you do not have to exhaust yourself with excessive loads. It is enough to conduct business fairly, not to show negativity to colleagues and rivals — and success will not be long in coming. Already in the middle of the month it will become clear how successful the career is. If the result is lower than expected, you need to make adjustments to your behavior. Probably, the efforts were insufficient or failed to establish the necessary connections. In any case, everything is fixable.

Water Pig Month promises a boil of passions. Despite some primitiveness of the patron animal, a feeling of something wonderful, completely unusual will float in the air. You cannot lock yourself in and spend time alone. It is necessary to show the most active participation in everything that happens. Let some difficulties be encountered at the beginning of the month, the last decade will more than pay for all expectations. You may have to hear allegations of frivolity, but it is a positive attitude, even negligence in business, that will ultimately lead to success. It is quite acceptable to arrange a short rest, because soon there will be a lot of work. Life does not stand still, there is still a lot of interesting things ahead.

Wisdom of the Pig Month

In the Pig month, it is useful to spend time among influential people, it is worth securing the support of higher persons. It is recommended to communicate as actively as possible with colleagues and superiors, to offer their business ideas. Profitable offers on cooperation, promotion are possible. We can expect an improvement in financial standing, including through the repayment of debts.

In any situation, you need to put the interests of the family above all else. It is necessary to spend as much time as possible with relatives. Despite the difficulties in communication, this is the best time to establish a relationship. You can arrange family celebrations, visit distant relatives. If funds allow, it is worth considering how to bring joy to loved ones. You should not save on gifts for the family.

It is better not to focus on serious matters, although in the Pig month there is nothing impossible. Any work will be argued, but you can not overwork. If on the way to the goal there are many obstacles, it is worthwhile to delay the implementation of the plan. It is especially important not to talk about your plans, otherwise you will have to face the machinations of ill-wishers.

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