Rabbit Month

The Rabbit month (March 5/6 — April 3/4) is a rather favorable period, not promising serious upheavals. Perhaps there will be no reason to celebrate a big victory, but you will not have to worry about failures. Even in the first decade of the month, you can almost accurately determine whether to expect grand changes. In addition, the concept of success is rather vague. One can hardly consider a temporary lull in all spheres of life, or rather, a period of relative peace, the collapse of all hopes. Peace of mind, a measured course of events is an excellent opportunity to rest before serious trials. You can slowly comprehend your perspectives and present the future in great detail. A well-designed strategy will lead to success faster than a meaningless daily bustle.

The secret of well-being in the Rabbit month is complete calm and equanimity. If there is no desire to change anything in your life, then the time has not come yet. It is important at the very beginning of the month to tune in to positive, it is necessary, even necessary, to think only about the good. It is necessary to draw inspiration from the beautiful, to find pleasure in communication. If you are among people all the time, in the thick of events, any troubles will seem so insignificant that the desire to survive will disappear sharply. The harmony of the external and internal worlds should not be disturbed, everything around should correspond to the mental attitude. If in the last decade of the month there is a feeling of dissatisfaction with what is happening, it is worth thinking about how to proceed further.

Rabbit Month and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of one of the five elements, the nature of the Rabbit month is able to change significantly. Each element has unique properties that give a certain color to all events. For example, the Wood activates the thought process, enhances interest in everything new. The element of Fire is characterized by impulsiveness, temper, in turn, the Earth symbolizes conservatism, the desire for stability. The Metal element gives the character confidence and firmness, Water — suspiciousness, sensitivity.

Wood Rabbit Month implies an atmosphere of complete mutual understanding, friendly communication and partnership. If conflicts arise, reconciliation will come very quickly. The main thing is to adhere to a policy of openness and goodwill. It is only at the very beginning of the month to show impatience, obstinacy in resolving any issues, how things will go awry. In this case, one can not be surprised at the coldness and indifference from others, which will negatively affect all areas of life. Without the help of people, it is unlikely that they will be able to cope with piled-up problems. Therefore, all actions should be aimed at strengthening family, friendly and professional ties. It is quite possible to give up one’s own interests for the benefit of loved ones.

Fire Rabbit Month gives hope for a better future. Although the circumstances will turn out in the best way, the risk of missing your lucky chance is high enough. If you don’t work on yourself, indulge in weaknesses and vices, you should not count on success. In turn, excessive focus on business will not bring the desired result. It remains only to trust intuition and make the only right decision — harmony with oneself and the world. If by the middle of the month it is not possible to achieve the planned, you should think about the appropriateness of your actions and further actions. It might be better to step back a bit to make a powerful leap forward. In any case, no important steps should be taken in the last decade.

Earth Rabbit Month creates the illusion of complete peace and relaxation. However, do not lose vigilance: external comfort, a leisurely course of life do not guarantee the absence of problems. Much that is hidden from view can be fraught with danger. It is prudent to foresee all possible risks so as not to be taken by surprise. To this end, you can seek help from your close circle and influential patrons. It is not necessary to speak directly about your fears; it is enough to maintain good relations. The second half of the month is especially successful in terms of communication, when the picture of what is happening will become more clear. Most likely, it will be possible not only to identify their weaknesses, but also to find a way to strengthen their positions.

Metal Rabbit Month does not tolerate negligence and irresponsibility. Any attempt to deceive, to achieve his goal with the help of insidious intrigues, will result in failure. Only an honest, principled attitude to business can guarantee success. However, one should not overestimate the probability of negative events; it is enough to believe in oneself. If at the beginning and even in the middle of the month to solve the problems in a timely manner, it will be possible to cope with all the difficulties without loss. At the same time, one should not exclude the element of luck, which does not negate the need to work diligently. On the whole, one can count on a favorable course of affairs, even if it will be carried only in small things, the hope of a large gain remains. The main thing is to remain faithful to yourself and your business.

Water Rabbit Month dictates certain rules of behavior, namely modesty and humility. There is no point in protesting against injustice; it is better to direct forces toward creation. If the feeling of resentment does not allow you to live in peace, you do not need to wait until the situation improves with itself. It is necessary immediately, immediately, to get rid of negative emotions. You can allow yourself a little rest, take an unplanned vacation and go in search of adventure. Even a few days at the end of the month will be enough to regain strength. A romantic trip will be especially successful, but only if complete understanding reigns in the pair. This month you can’t quarrel and quarrel, even if there is no more strength to remain silent, you need to remain calm.

Wisdom of the Rabbit Month

The Rabbit month is favorable for self-improvement; you should devote as much time as possible to personal growth. If until now it was not possible to develop your talents, you need to think about in which area they will find the best application. It is equally important to engage in improving their professional skills. Any courses, seminars, master classes will be useful. You can go on excursion tours, participate in contests and creative projects.

Peace of mind comes to the fore, you need to achieve full understanding with others. It is recommended to spend more time among relatives, friends and colleagues. You can take part in meetings, negotiations, set up important meetings. The Rabbit month helps to establish harmony in your personal life. If there are difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex, it’s time to resolve the existing differences.

In terms of health, you should be wary of injuries, it is recommended to exclude extreme activities. Unplanned expenses are likely, money should not be borrowed, so as not to be in a difficult position at the end of the month. You should refrain from large purchases, real estate transactions. Better to postpone construction work to another time.

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