Rat Month

The Rat month (December 7/8 — January 4/5) passes under the sign of reasonable economy; you should limit yourself in many ways. This concerns not so much material values, but to a greater extent emotional and physical forces. Do not scatter over trifles, hoping to grab luck by the tail. It is enough to do what is good, and most importantly, not to miss the benefit. Even if the profit is insignificant, you should not refuse the incoming proposals. You cannot scatter opportunities; you need to develop and build up your potential day after day. Only in this way will it be possible to arrive at any worthy result, if not immediately, but by the end of the month. Unless, of course, there is enough strength to resist the desire to quickly lower everything accumulated for the sake of momentary pleasure.

Within a month, you will not have to complain about fate if you behave wisely: only your own indiscretion can lead to collapse. The Rat is an economical, smart, nimble animal, all his thoughts are aimed at arranging life. However, this does not mean that the whole Rat month will be spent in chores and worries. There will be a place of joy, fun and inexhaustible enthusiasm, it will turn out to succeed in all areas of life. Every day should be aimed at strengthening their positions in professional and public life. Procrastination and laziness will be fatal, even if at this point in time nothing portends failures. It is necessary to think about the prospects, take actions that, if not now, but in the near future will lead to success.

Rat Month and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the dominant elements, the Rat month acquires a number of features that more fully and more fully reveal its individuality. Each of the five elements has unique properties that give a special coloring to any event in life. For example, the Wood enhances the desire for harmony and beauty. The Fire element is a source of inexhaustible energy, uncontrollable passion. The Earth endows sluggishness, a penchant for thought, in turn, Metal personifies the inner core, firmness of spirit. The Water element slows down the train of thought, gives calmness and calmness.

Wood Rat Month does not promise quick success, nor does it predict a major failure. You may have to spend some time sorting out your personal problems. This will be quite difficult to do: if you succumb to the passion of destruction, you can slide to the complete denial of past achievements. It is necessary to find a balance between the desire to live emotions, passions and a sense of duty. The last decade of the month is not very favorable, when you have to rake a pile of accumulated problems. If you take your will into a fist, think through an action plan and adhere to it firmly, the work will boil. In any case, no matter how events develop, it is worth fighting for your well-being.

Fiery Rat Month requires ingenuity, speed of action and thinking. If you idle all the time, without taking any steps to solve your problems, you will have to be pretty tight. But the efforts undertaken at the beginning of the month will more than pay off in the last decade. Most likely, you will not have to complain about boredom and a bad mood, fate will provide a chance to have fun from the heart. Although, it is quite possible that the end of the month will not be as enchanting as we would like. It is worth connecting your creative talents, you need to find them a worthy application. It is always useful to push the boundaries of your capabilities in order to realize original ideas. A non-trivial approach to business is half the success.

Earth Rat Month does not accept chaos and fuss, all actions should be rational. Let events unfold slowly and unhurriedly, the main thing is to move in the right direction. If at the beginning of the month the picture of what is happening is more than vague, the situation will change over time. It will become clear how close they managed to get closer to the goal. In any case, stocks should be made, accumulations — prudence is never superfluous. It is better not to take risks without urgent need, prudence is quite a worthy substitute for adventurism in this period of time. Do not be afraid of condemnation and oblique views, it is better to be known as a miser than a helicopter and a fer. Hardness and stubbornness are unlikely to succeed.

Metal Rat Month prepares surprises in terms of communicating with nice people. You should not stifle your craving for beauty, although savings and benefits come first, but who said that holidays cannot be beneficial? Even if within a month there is no reason to have fun, you have to come up with it. Communicating with the right people is necessary like air, which is remarkable to make profitable contacts will be quite easy. Stormy social life will bring a lot of pleasure, compliments and general attention will work to increase self-esteem. Intuition will help to avoid embarrassing situations, especially in terms of professional relationships. Although the grip may weaken by the end of the month, you cannot completely lose control of yourself.

Water Rat Month is favorable for conflict resolution. There is no doubt: the damaged relationship can be easily restored. One has only to forget about one’s interests at least for a while, as there will be a desire to meet people. Throughout the month, situations can arise that create threats to peace. It is necessary to show flexibility, softness, despite the complexity of the situation. There will always be an opportunity to demonstrate your friendly attitude. At the moment, there is nothing more important than peace of mind. Although relationships with colleagues, friends and loved ones are far from ideal, you need to take the initiative in your own hands. Cold calculation, pragmatism, combined with kindness, even some sacrifice will help to overcome the wall of misunderstanding.

Wisdom of the Rat Month

The Rat month appeals to judgment, therefore hasty decisions should not be made. In the area of special attention is professional activity. If career changes are foreseen, major projects are planned, things should not be postponed to the last moment. It is necessary to draw up a detailed work plan for a month — this will help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

One should not be afraid of financial setbacks, although expenses may exceed the planned limit. There is always an opportunity to earn the necessary amount of money, financial transactions will bring good profit. You can invest in long-term projects, lend and invest in works of art. An important condition is careful monitoring and analysis of the situation, no spontaneous transactions.

In the Rat month, you should not travel long distances. If you have the opportunity to relax, it is better to give preference to water travel. It should not be planned to move to a new place of residence, a change of work. You can not refuse to participate in educational projects, neglect official duties. Perhaps it makes no sense to expect romantic gifts from fate, but to bring love relationships to break is dangerous. It is better to postpone the decision for another month.

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