Rooster Month

The Rooster month (September 7/8 — October 7/8) promises success in business, but subject to hard work. Do not think that fate will be incredibly generous, and that good things will be poured like from a cornucopia. Throughout the period, you will have to prove your right to the award. And you need to act quickly and decisively: minutes of thought can turn into months of inactivity. If there is no desire to work hard, it is better to immediately abandon any serious matters. Otherwise, you will have to face all sorts of problems, including human relations. The spirit of healthy rivalry will prevail in society, therefore, non-initiative people will have to be pretty tight. Others are unlikely to understand someone who is willing to be content with little for their own comfort.

In terms of work, you can not worry about the result: the Rooster guarantees protection and protection from troubles. Most likely, you will not have to solve complex problems, painfully trying to find the right answer. At the same time, one should not be arrogant, consider yourself a darling of fate. Public support will play a huge role. If you manage to do it yourself at the beginning of the Rooster month, you won’t be able to do without helpers in the last decade. Therefore, you need to hide your ambition — this is not the time to uphold independence. Let not all of what was said during this period be true, but it will be possible to attract allies to their side. Although there is a great risk of slipping in the opposite direction, the desire to please everyone can ruin the whole thing.

Rooster Month and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the dominant elements, the nature of the month of the Rooster can change, and significantly. Each of the five elements in its own way interacts with the animal patronizing this month. For example, the Wood element personifies dynamics, purposefulness. Fire provokes, inflames passions, and the Earth, on the contrary, calls for stability, prudence. The Metal element symbolizes rigidity, hardness, the element of Water — softness, flexibility.

Wood Rooster Month promises harmony in relations with others. It is useful to strengthen family and friendships. You may have to take the initiative into your own hands, a lot of work remains to be done, but the result will be simply excellent. They will be able to get closer to family and friends even more, besides, it will turn out to make profitable contacts. Others will be happy to cooperate, so you need to try to prove yourself from the best side. It should leave an edifying tone, stop teaching everyone the mind. It is quite possible to get along with a couple of humorous instructions to indicate one’s position, without affecting the feelings of other people. The end of the month is especially favorable; it will be possible to finally settle all differences.

Fire Rooster Month promotes career growth: energy hits over the edge. No matter how great the chances of victory, the main thing is the desire to increase your professional authority. Any actions are allowed, even eccentric acts can be beneficial. If at the beginning of the month the prospects seem vague, in the last decade, dreams will take on a certain form. Although much will depend on organizational skills. If there is no inclination for leadership, success is highly doubtful. In this case, you can only rely on a stable course of affairs, but no more. It will not be superfluous to determine your priorities, perhaps there is a chance to take place in life without resorting to active actions.

Earth Rooster Month does not promise disappointment and upheaval: a relatively calm period designed to solve everyday problems. Everything that happens will not cause irritation. The active nature of the Rooster does not tolerate boredom and idleness, from the very first days you should correctly dispose of your resources. There is no need to work too hard. The situation will be so comfortable that everything conceived will easily come true. Most likely, you don’t have to get hung up on business, devoting all your time to them. However, you should be more careful about your environment. Even minor skirmishes, and even more protracted conflicts, pose a great danger. It doesn’t matter for what reason the dispute arose; the main thing is to finish it quickly.

Metal Rooster Month is a time to defend our own interests. You can not think about the future, do not worry about relationships with others. Let the situation be a little nervous in the early days: minor quarrels and omissions are possible. However, in the last decade, everything will settle down, you just need to avoid harsh statements. It is necessary to devote a month to studying the new, any experiments related to professional activity will be favorable. If you don’t want to develop your talents, you can focus on communication. In addition to wealth, professional success, friendly support will be of great importance. You should get a couple of new friends who can give the right advice in difficult times.

Water Rooster Month calls for judgment: there is a great risk of getting bogged down in your fantasies. Better not to take any steps than act unreasonably. You should not be imprisoned in a strict framework, but you should not act like a dumb child. It is necessary to find the line between naturalness and simplicity. A cheerful attitude, a desire to enjoy every day of this month should not interfere with rational thinking. If you don’t pull yourself together, sooner or later you may end up with a broken trough. Although troubles will be relatively small in the first decade, many problems should be expected at the end of the month. However, this is just a supposed scenario, do not take it to heart. All for the better — that’s for sure.

Wisdom of the Rooster Month

In the Rooster month, any actions related to professional growth are favorable. This is a good period to change jobs, you can go for interviews, send resumes. It is useful to spend more time with colleagues and attend continuing education courses. It is possible to receive interesting offers promising good earnings and career advancement.

In financial terms, significant problems can be avoided. However, it will not be superfluous to control your spending. If there is a need to make large investments, you need to act extremely carefully. But you can not worry about small purchases. It is not forbidden to purchase cute trinkets in unlimited quantities, especially if they are intended as a gift. It is necessary to spend as much time as possible with loved ones, pamper them with pleasant surprises.

In the Rooster month, you can not take actions that can lead to unpleasant consequences. If you can’t hold back so as not to be rude or to commit a rash act, it is better to take a break. Any conflicts will be fatal to the reputation. You should not spend much time on the road, putting your health at risk by doing extreme sports.

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