Snake Month

The Snake month (May 5/6 — June 4/5) promises change in all areas of life, and without much upheaval. You can safely go about your business: problems will pass by. True, it will not be superfluous to hedge and abandon everything that interferes with the measured course of events. Vanity, empty chores, reckless actions — the worst that can happen during this period. The wisdom of the Snake will tell you the way out of the most difficult situation, but do not complicate your life. It is always useful to proceed with caution without resorting to radical methods. It is necessary throughout the month to listen to intuition. Given the slightest nuances of what is happening, everything that used to seem insignificant will suddenly sparkle with bright colors.

In the first decade, conflict situations are possible that will end rather quickly without damaging the reputation. In the Snake month, the foundation for future well-being is laid, it is necessary to focus on the main thing, not paying attention to the outer husk. Strong self-confidence, the ability to work responsibly will help to gain universal respect. However, besides industriousness, efforts, one cannot forget about other components of success. Strengths should be developed; a sharp mind, intuition, and sociability are very useful. Thanks to them, it will be possible to smooth out any failures. If the end of the month is calm, you can not worry about the further development of events: everything will turn out.

Snake Month and 5 elements influence

The nature of the Snake month is largely determined by the influence of the prevailing elements. If the animal protector controls the events, each of the five elements gives them a special emotional coloring. For example, the Wood is responsible for benevolence, a positive perception of life. The element of Fire is manifested by impulsivity, a craving for spontaneous actions. The Earth endows with balance, striving for stability. Metal element gives determination, Water - a thirst for knowledge, high intelligence, developed intuition.

Wood Snake Month is conducive to communication, and it does not matter for what reason a pleasant company has gathered. Perhaps you have to discuss working issues or meet old friends. The main thing is a warm-hearted, laid-back atmosphere. Even if you can’t avoid disagreements, you don’t have to worry about a quarrel for a long time. The situation will develop so that the parties remain satisfied with each other. By the end of the month, it will be possible to settle all the troubles, including relations with people dear to the heart. It is communication with the close environment that gives emotional support, a lot will depend on friends and relatives this month. It is necessary to find a way to maintain their good attitude towards themselves, it is better to avoid omissions and insulting hints.

Fire Snake Month calls for justice; misses and mistakes should not be allowed. Any attempts to get around opponents with the help of tricks and tricks will turn into failure. It is necessary to act boldly and openly, using the charisma and power of your authority. People will be ready to obey if they see an honest and principled attitude to the matter. Despite being busy, you should find time to travel. Even if you can’t get out on vacation, you can go on a business trip. It does not matter what period the trip will take, the main thing is diversity, a change of impressions. A prerequisite: no matter how the circumstances develop, you can not give vent to emotions. If something goes wrong, do not express your dissatisfaction.

Earth Snake Month is not in a hurry: prudence is the key to success. The main emphasis should be placed on communication, sincere conversations will help to gain loyal allies. It would be better if the topic of discussion remains a mystery to most people around. It is important to correctly use the information received, chatter and gossip are completely unacceptable. It’s necessary to avoid empty fuss: and with small steps you can achieve great success. However, excessive caution can harm the case. If in the last decade the result is worse than expected, it means that at the beginning of the month the wrong actions were taken. You should resort to the wisdom of the Snake in order to foresee all the errors and inaccuracies.

Metal Snake Month suggests a measured, unhurried lifestyle. There is no need to rush somewhere, to prove their worth. Everything will turn out pretty easy, you just need to responsibly fulfill their responsibilities. Although in communicating with friends and colleagues some problems are not excluded. Emotional coldness, detachment do not contribute to rapprochement with people. A bit of sincerity and warmth in relations with others will not hurt. You can’t constantly think about business, calculate the benefits and look for useful contacts — this is the way to nowhere. If at the beginning of the month the degree of remoteness from society is insignificant, in the last decade we should expect an aggravation of the situation.

Water Snake Month is designed to achieve your goals, you can not spray on the little things. Learning new things will be best given, you can participate in seminars, educational projects. Most likely, you don’t have to attract others to your business, to curry favor with influential people. It is possible to cope with all the difficulties yourself if you do not look for easy success. And this is not only about activities in the field of education, any undertakings will be successful. You can verify the correctness of your decision already in the middle of the month. If the result is unsatisfactory, it is better to start from scratch. The wisdom and endurance of the Snake is enough to reach a new level, despite the difficulties.

Wisdom of the Snake Month

A favorable time for developing plans and making decisions, it is precisely by the results of the Snake month that you can judge your success during the year. It is recommended that you create a work schedule for the entire period, rather than focusing on specific days. What is especially important: you should strictly adhere to this individual plan. It will be useful to take advanced training courses, take part in training seminars and various educational programs.

This period is favorable for establishing trusting relationships with family and friends. It is a chamber communication format that does not allow the presence of strangers. It is necessary to spend as much time as possible with relatives, it is useful to exchange views and learn from the experience of the older generation. Professional communication will be no less fruitful, provided that neutrality is maintained in conflict situations.

In the Snake month, it is not recommended to engage in quarrels, to provoke people to clarify relationships. Patience and tact are the best way to avoid problems. It is necessary to exercise caution not only in business and communication, but also, while driving, when handling fire, sharp objects. It is better not to start work in the garden, not to engage in repair and construction. If possible, postpone the conclusion of major transactions.

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