Tiger Month

The Tiger month (February 4/5 — March 4/5) gives a feeling of joy and fullness of life. All actions are subject to one desire — to go forward and win. No matter how bright the prospects seemed a month ago, it is on these days that energy awakens. You should not waste time in vain, you need to tune in to fruitful work. If you are afraid of difficulties or excessive caution, you can be left with nothing. The main thing is courage, courage and a great desire to succeed. You may have to experience despair and frustration, but these are just minor things on the road to success. The tiger is a winner; he should not suffer for a long time. In the last decade of the month, you can begin to take stock, most likely, they will be not only satisfactory, but excellent.

It’s time to embody your leadership ambitions and dominate minds. Even if you didn’t feel a craving for public activity before, you may want to spend more time among people. There can be no talk of any modesty in the Tiger month, so there is no need to restrain yourself. Do not be afraid of criticism, threats and reproaches, most likely, you will not have to face strong opponents. Everyone around will try to help, but with such powerful support, losing is not a threat. The power of the Tiger’s charisma is so great that you can count on full understanding with others. Although a little caution never hurts: in the pursuit of luck it is easy to make an irreparable mistake, it is likely to let people down.

Tiger Month and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the dominant element, the events of the month of the Tiger can take on one or another character. Each of the five elements, which has a certain set of properties, in its own way affects all spheres of life and the internal state of a person. If the Wood gives benevolence, purposefulness, then Fire strengthens the temper, impulsiveness. The element of Earth stands for calm, conservatism, and Metal — for decisiveness, firmness. The Water Element is associated not only with high intelligence, but also with diplomacy and sensitivity.

Wood Tiger Month suggests benevolence, a peaceful disposition. If there is a need to insist on it, this should be done very carefully. Without friendly support, you will have to tighten, so you need to try to win the trust of people. To attract to your side the maximum number of allies will help an excellent sense of humor and an ironic approach to life. You should not think that there is time for a buildup, it is the events of the first days of the month that will set the tone for everything that happens in the future. It is necessary to develop an action plan and adhere to it clearly. Although friendly participation and good relations of people cannot be bought, their love and respect can be earned. This is what is worth doing first.

Fire Tiger Month is the time to determine your abilities, inclinations and talents. We must act boldly and decisively, we should not miss a single opportunity to realize our potential. An important role, in addition to the desire to develop comprehensively, will be played by intuition. It is the inner sensations that will help you choose the right direction. Without energy recharge, it is unlikely to be able to cope with the tasks. The development of hidden abilities is a great opportunity to build up your power. But the force must be controllable, you must keep yourself in check. Otherwise, chaos is inevitable, instead of victory, you will have to be content with defeat. If at the end of the month the result obtained does not meet expectations, it is worth blaming only yourself.

Earth Tiger Month calls for moderation in everything, you can’t waste yourself on trifles. Strength and energy should be directed towards the fulfillment of tasks, which may not be very important, but necessarily necessary. Even if problems and deeds seem insignificant, not worthy of attention, they should not be neglected. It is from the little things that great success comes together. If you set priorities correctly at the beginning of the month, you will be able to cope with all the difficulties, and the results achieved will pleasantly surprise you. Although, you may have to enjoy success alone. With all the focus on business, we must not forget about loved ones. Even if their help is not necessary, it will not be superfluous to seek advice.

Metal Tiger Month is not delayed, the recommended tactic is to go ahead. If you constantly struggle with your own weaknesses and vices, you can miss something important in life. It is better to leave doubts for a more appropriate time, and this month you should surrender to the power of emotions and passions. Do not be afraid to act boldly and decisively, on the contrary, the truth lies in recklessness. Movement and risk — there is life, it is difficult to be in a state of uncertainty. However, one cannot overestimate one’s strength, if in the last decade of the month failures pour in, you have to start all over again. In addition to energy, enthusiasm, judgment and practicality will be required. Without a reasonable approach to business, you can only waste time.

Water Tiger Month calls for peace and tranquility. Although the thirst for impressions, the desire to live with passions and emotions are strong enough, you should not rush into the maelstrom of events. Judiciousness, composure will help to find peace of mind. You cannot go to extremes, blindly follow your desires. Perhaps at the beginning of the month it will be difficult to overcome the confusion, but gradually, day after day, it will be possible to establish an internal dialogue. Intuition will play an important role, at the slightest doubt, a pause for reflection should be taken. Even if the energy is in full swing and the minutes of delay seem like an eternity, you need to stand your ground. Only by understanding your own feelings and desires, you can achieve progress in life.

Wisdom of the Tiger Month

Tiger month is suitable for any business related activities, career advancement is possible. Intellectual work will be especially successful, this is a good time for advanced training, the acquisition of new knowledge. You should not give up business trips, there will be many new contacts that will be of great benefit in the future. You can think about changing the employer, but only if there is no hope of career growth or an increase in salary.

In financial terms, you should not limit yourself to spending, any investment will pay off. Even if you have to apply for financial support, you can quickly pay off your debts. In addition, you may need money for home improvement. Do not save on your own comfort, you can start repairs or slightly refresh the interior.

It is recommended to refrain from rash acts. If there are doubts about the correctness of their actions, it is better to ask others for advice. You can’t take aggressive actions against anyone, it’s better to refuse to clarify the relationship. Caution should be exercised while driving when handling household appliances — a high risk of injury remains throughout the month.

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