Dog Year

The Year of the Dog is beautiful with its serenity, nothing can deprive confidence in a happy future. Alarms and worries will pass by, you will be able to avoid surprises and oddities. The measured course of life relaxes, inspires a sense of security. There is nothing better than constancy and predictability, at least during this period. The desire to maintain previous achievements will prevail over everything else. Although, despite the strengthening of conservative sentiment, you will not be bored. There will be plenty of reasons for violent activity; you will have to defend your principles and beliefs. However, everything is good in moderation: peace and quiet in the soul is more important than any conquests. Better to hold back with change.

There comes a period requiring inner self-discipline. You may have to take responsibility for others. All actions must be based on justice. This is an indisputable truth that must be learned from the first days of the year. Actions and words should not harm others: the end does not always justify the means. Hypocrisy, pretense are unacceptable, claims for their own exclusiveness will look ridiculous and ridiculous. The Dog year is ideal for working on yourself: everything is thought-provoking. Life will put in such conditions that you have to turn to your past. A return to the events of the past days will help to avoid mistakes in the future. In a word, the spiritual is superior to the material.

Traits of the Dog Year

The main feature of the Dog year is honesty and decency. There is no need for lies and deceit: everything is extremely simple and transparent. This is a time of noble thoughts and good deeds. Foreign interests come first, there will be a need to patronize and give advice. At the same time, neither time nor energy can be left to solve their own problems. However, it is selfless service to people that gives meaning to life. The desire for sacrifice should be a natural state of mind. Do not pretend to be something ephemeral and airy, it is unlikely that you can organically get used to the role of the good man. Sooner or later, lies and pretense will be revealed. But noble deeds will not be left without attention and reward.

Fate will provide a chance to improve the quality of your life. There is no need to puzzle over how to avoid all sorts of problems. Everything will turn out exactly as it should, without additional effort. It is only necessary to work honestly — and no exploits will be needed. The Dog year is important in terms of partnerships. Teamwork will lead to effective results. However, sharp corners should be avoided; excessive adherence to principle is a source of problems. In the heat of the struggle for truth, you can break firewood. Meanwhile, the help and support of colleagues can not do. Otherwise, everything is fine, the autumn months will be especially productive, it’s better to outline all the important events for this period.

Practical goals and objectives will be of no small importance. Fidelity to high ideals is admirable, but domestic disorder can ruin life. Nothing should distract from the achievement of the intended plans, therefore, the sequence of their actions should be carefully considered. If something does not suit or causes difficulty, do not go ahead. A strong conviction that you are right is worthy of respect, but it is sometimes useful to take a step back to make a powerful leap forward. You should not rush and deny yourself everything for fear of missing out on something important. Peace of mind, domestic comfort, communication with loved ones — this is what is needed for happiness.

Dog Year and 5 elements influence

Under the influence of the dominant elements, the character of the year of the Dog can change, acquiring new properties. Each of the five elements in its own way affects everything that happens, sets a specific vector for events. Their distinctive features are pronounced individual character, for example, the Wood symbolizes growth and development. The element of Fire is responsible for emotionality, and the Earth — for conservative inclinations. Metal gives courage and decisiveness; in contrast, Water enhances sensitivity and diplomacy.

Wood Dog Year (1994) promises steady success in personal life and professional activity. This period is good for team work, it is necessary to act in a common bundle, postponing personal ambitions for a while. Collective projects will be extremely profitable. Thanks to patience, charisma and sociability, it will be possible to resolve all controversial issues. Serious career success should be expected, which will improve the financial situation. However, all this is impossible without the support of loved ones, gradually the emphasis will shift towards personal relationships. At the end of the year, when everything can be achieved, you can relax and fully focus on the family.

Fiery Dog Year (2006) will present new opportunities; you should not miss the chance to achieve your desired goals. Although there may be an imbalance between work and personal life. Career aspirations, financial success — the only thing that matters. What is noteworthy, circumstances will contribute to the growth of material and professional status. This period is good for business negotiations and business trips. The applied efforts will bring returns, you will be able to avoid sharp turns on the way to the goal. If you keep abreast of current events and do not slow down, everything will work out in the best way. However, it is categorically unacceptable to delay decision-making and to postpone things until later.

Earth Dog Year (1958, 2018) suggests taking a wait and see attitude. Not everything will go smoothly, but if you do not take risks without emergency, you can manage to make small sacrifices. More than ever, commitment to tradition, the pursuit of stability and domestic comfort are more valuable. Nothing will please more than the absence of change. In any situation, it is necessary to maintain equanimity and calm: the absence of a result is also a result. Although in his personal life pleasant events are expected. Prudence, prudence will help to gain the trust of new friends. This is the best period for establishing a long-term relationship. The main thing is to believe in the power of your charm and not rush things.

Metal Dog Year (1970, 2030) prophesies serious professional and financial success. Favorable conditions will be created for concluding profitable contracts and establishing effective business relations. However, one should not count on generous bonuses from fate; it is unlikely that they will be able to receive undeserved preferences. You will have to work hard to achieve the desired result. At the same time, one should not forget about health, excessive workload can undermine strength. Friends will become irreplaceable assistants in business. It is worth delegating their powers to them in order to free up some time for personal life. In case of professional failures, you can always shift the emphasis towards love relationships.

Water Dog Year (1982) involves active interaction with people. There will be a huge need for communication, which can negatively affect business. Trying to please others, it is easy to forget about your interests. Kindness, responsiveness and selflessness are qualities worthy of respect. However, the risk is great to face deceivers, manipulators and scammers of all stripes. Do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of dubious individuals. If you are not sure of the correctness of your actions, the best solution is to lie low. Over time, the situation will become clearer, it will be possible to reach an agreement with the outside world. Particularly successful will be the end of the year — the most favorable period that gives peace and tranquility.

Horoscope of the Dog Year

Dog Year for Rat 🐀 portends difficulties in his personal life. As never before will the ability to repulse rudeness and insults be demanded. Despite universal complacency and a warm, friendly atmosphere, there are people who can cause a lot of trouble. Intrigue, gossip, unscrupulous games — a small fraction of what you have to face. Stormy events can turn life upside down at the very beginning of the year. Quarrels of jealousy can spoil even the strongest relationships. If you keep your emotions in check, you can deal with the family crisis. But not to count the number of pleasant surprises at work: career take-off, financial success, successful investment.

Dog Year for Ox 🐂 does not promise a firework of emotions. Life is too predictable to wait for a miracle. In personal relationships, quarrels and various misunderstandings are possible. The problem of generations will make itself felt, not all members of the family will want to imbue themselves with the spirit of conservatism. It’s not worth it to take criticism and respond to comments from relatives. The situation is gradually normalizing, closer to the end of the year, family conflicts will come to naught. Professional activity will be so active that it will require a full commitment of forces. Most likely, it will be necessary to resolve issues related to construction and repair. However, despite gloomy forebodings, the results of the actions taken will please.

Dog Year for Tiger 🐅 will provide a wide field for experimentation. The ability to be creative can come in handy in the most unexpected situations. The main thing is not to give in to gloomy thoughts, to constantly learn something new and to improve yourself. It is necessary without regret to let go of the past and get rid of old insults. If you can’t cope with stress, you can draw inspiration from your favorite business. It is perfectly permissible to tear oneself away from reality for a while: the world of fantasies gives a feeling of happiness. Sometimes it’s useful to live in illusions, act contrary to logic and common sense. Moreover, a slight stagnation in business is expected. Perhaps this respite will benefit, will allow the implementation of long-standing ideas.

Dog Year for Rabbit 🐇 advises to be careful in financial matters. The financial situation will not be so strong as to freely dispose of money. You may have to moderate your appetites, which is undoubtedly for the best. Having abandoned objects of secondary importance, you can completely concentrate on business. There is a long, painstaking work to achieve long-planned plans. This is the only way to ensure a decent standard of living. Gifts and generous bonuses do not have to wait, especially not worth the risk. Luck will help those who appreciate their work and wealth.

Dog Year for Dragon 🐉 promises the fulfillment of any desires: anything is possible, and even more. The main thing is to believe in yourself, follow your own desires, regardless of what is happening around. Financial risks are quite acceptable, failures and failures will be avoided. Private life will especially please, it will be so saturated that it is difficult to keep track of all the events. Large-scale changes are expected: a family trip, moving, an unforgettable love adventure or a major celebration. This is a good period for any changes, you can not be at rest. Although couples with a long relationship should be careful, family quarrels are not ruled out.

Dog Year for Snake 🐍 offers to slow down the pace of life. If you don’t want to work hard, then the time of creation has not come yet. Decisive action will not give the proper result. To show irrepressible activity, enthusiasm for work can undermine strength. The situation will resolve itself, if you do not intervene in what is happening. Most likely, you will have to reduce your spending, abandon some of your plans. It is possible to do with a minimum set of everything you need. However, such prospects should not be scary. It will be useful to shift the emphasis towards personal relationships. Circumstances will require participation in family affairs; one will have to take responsibility for loved ones.

Dog Year for Horse 🐎 is a stressful period requiring complete dedication. Circumstances will contribute to physical activity. Practical work will be extremely effective. Do not spray on minor trifles, you should adhere to the intended strategy - not a step to the side. It is necessary to ignore the temptations, any attempts to change your vocation to turn into big trouble. There is nothing more important than career growth and financial well-being. True, professional success will require sacrifice. There is hardly any time left for arranging personal life. Probably the cooling of marital relations, a prolonged family conflict is not excluded.

Dog Year for Goat 🐐 does not promise pleasant surprises and gifts of fate. All around will be busy with their own affairs, a feeling of uselessness may arise. However, one should not attach much importance to one’s experiences. Within a year, the situation is normalizing, self-confidence will appear. It is better to submit to the will of fate, not to attempt to change the situation. The desire to improve their social status, exorbitant leadership ambitions can lead to a dead end. Professional and financial failures are not ruled out. It is unlikely that it will be possible to raise its authority to a new height, but enemies and ill-wishers may appear. Better to wait for a better time.

Dog Year for Monkey 🐒 will not cause serious concern. Although the situation will not be so calm as to indulge in dreams. The secret of harmonious existence in the circumstances is the ability to think rationally. There is no need to escalate the situation, look for the reasons for their failures: all for the better. Even financial difficulties should be considered as an occasion to change the scope of activity. Perhaps you should turn to the events of the past days so that life receives a new impetus. This advice is especially relevant in relation to couples in love. In trying to learn from your past, you can find the truth. Sacrifice and selflessness are signs of true love.

Dog Year for Rooster 🐓 is a difficult period: it is better to prepare for the worst than to build bright hopes. This is not the time to have fun, it’s time for gloom. Although, if you wish, you can wrap any circumstances in your favor. If you use your natural data wisely, you can avoid a lot of trouble. The best helpers in affairs will be a sharp mind, ingenuity and courage. The main thing is not to show inappropriate enthusiasm. It is not worth making tremendous efforts to keep abreast of everything that happens. Getting the right information is not difficult, everything will work out in the best way. The only thing that can darken the mood is financial turmoil. In this regard, the forecast is quite pessimistic.

Dog Year for Dog 🐕 promises a triumph in all areas of life. All problems will recede, it will be possible to get rid of oppressive thoughts. Peace of mind, harmony in personal life, financial prosperity, professional achievements — evidence of success. No need to be afraid of surprises and changes, all of them are only for the better. You can experiment, try yourself in new areas of activity. The risk is minimal, the results will exceed all expectations. Doubters can miss the chance to radically change their lives, with little or no effort. Although you can always realize your ambitions in a love relationship. It is worth fighting for the role of leader in the family.

Dog Year for Pig 🐖 is a peaceful period, promising changes for the better. There will be opportunities for personal and career growth. In material terms, everything is so good that you can forget about saving. However, one should not lose prudence and caution. Although the financial situation will not cause concern, it is better not to make rash transactions. There is a high probability of getting involved in dubious matters. No matter how favorable fate may be, carelessness in important matters cannot be shown. Do not set yourself deliberately impossible tasks: bloated ambitions will turn into failures. It is better to shift the emphasis towards practical activities, success is guaranteed here.

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