Dragon Year

Year of the Dragon is favorable for the implementation of ambitious plans. Any actions taken during this period will be extremely effective. True, it is not known what events will be more: with a plus or minus sign. It is necessary to survive a very troublesome time, sometimes the loads will be unbearable, even exhausting. But you don’t have to be bored, everything is possible, except for peace and quiet. Expect both victories and defeats. The main thing is to maintain endurance and patience. Others do not need to know what is really happening. Let them enjoy a beautiful picture, feel awe, delight and even envy. This is a great opportunity to go beyond the ordinary, to prove yourself in an unexpected way.

You should not take everything that happens in the Dragon year, including yourself, too seriously. It is worth moving away from the usual style of behavior. You can try yourself in a new role, for example, play the role of a lucky one. Probably, it will turn out so accustomed to the image that everything conceived will be fulfilled. The measured course of life can drive into melancholy, therefore routine should be avoided in every way. Let dreams be too ambitious, it is important to move forward all the time, strive for success. A particularly positive period in terms of fulfilling hopes is spring. Perhaps the successes will not be as significant as we would like. However, you should not miss a single chance to realize yourself.

Traits of the Dragon Year

It’s time to shine and live for your pleasure — energy needs a way out. You should not be modest and sit aside, you need to be active in all matters. Perhaps some may find this behavior defiant, but this is their opinion. There will always be people who don’t like something, paying attention to unfounded criticism is the last thing. In the Dragon year, such qualities as determination, initiative, healthy ambition are welcomed. You can safely experiment, show your imagination. Life beyond borders and borders is the choice of a free person. Although you should not openly ignore the opinions of others, it is better to resort to hidden manipulation.

The chief assistant and adviser in business is intuition. Strength of character, determination do not guarantee success. No matter how strong the determination to achieve their goal, force majeure circumstances may arise. These are the machinations of envious people or natural disasters: any development of events cannot be ruled out. The Dragon year is too unpredictable to foresee all the surprises. If you do not have enough will to cope with your feelings and emotions, you need to trust the inner sensations. Let this decision not seem quite reasonable, uncharacteristic for a strong person. However, it is better to be safe than sorry for missed opportunities. The ability to maneuver and change opinions on time is a serious bid for success.

Life is beautiful, you should not panic under any circumstances. Let everything around rumble and collapse, it is important to maintain composure. If you let emotions take over, you can harm your reputation. Irritation, anger, slander is not the best thing to strive for. It is unlikely that others will appreciate and respect the opinion of such a person. Although the Dragon year is good in that you can do without anyone else’s help. However, it is not necessary to discount such a factor as a combination of circumstances. In this regard, it is impossible to give an accurate forecast, it remains only to rely on the will of chance. Everything will turn out well, if you adhere to the principle of justice, no matter what.

Dragon Year and 5 elements influence

In addition to the influence of the patron animal, everything that happens in the year of the Dragon is affected by the dominant element. Knowing its properties, you can get an idea of the nature of future events. Each of the five elements makes changes in accordance with its individual characteristics. For example, Wood endows sanity and prudence. The Fire element testifies to the liveliness of the mind, energy, in some cases, the desire for destruction. Earth means power, stability. The element of Metal gives purposefulness and decisiveness, Water — diplomacy, peacefulness.

Wood Dragon Year (1964, 2024) will not cause concern, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Most likely, it will be possible to avoid significant unrest, or at least smooth out troubles. However, this is a rather fruitful period, promising a lot of positive aspects. The main thing is to live in harmony with the outside world. Do not change the reality for yourself, it is much more useful to play according to the established rules. Particularly active natures will have a chance to prove themselves. In life there will be enough interesting events, especially in the spring. This period is favorable for negotiations and networking. Courtesy and equanimity will help to remain in a winning position, no matter what.

Fiery Dragon Year (1976) suggests several scenarios. It remains only to choose a script to your liking. If you want to make a dizzying career, then you have to be demanding and unyielding. Strength of character will help you achieve your goals. People willingly follow a strong leader, however, do not rely on emotional relationships. Proponents of family values can devote all their time to serving loved ones. Although in this case one does not have to wait for significant professional success. Perhaps this is for the best, the main thing is absolute trust and openness in relations. Particularly favorable in terms of communication is summer.

Earth Dragon Year (1988) promises good luck in business, with a high degree of probability it will be possible to achieve excellent results. Everything around will contribute to a working mood. Serious difficulties are not foreseen, primarily due to their own discretion. If you set specific, and most importantly, achievable goals, you will succeed both in work and in your personal life. It is necessary to soberly assess one’s strengths; one should not undertake matters that cannot bring significant benefits. The most suitable time for action is the end of summer, when the first positive results of the work done will appear. It is important not to stop there, otherwise there will be no sense.

Metal Dragon Year (2000) involves tough business practices. There is no time for sentimental sadness, thoughts about the meaning of life. The main thing is continuous movement forward. All efforts should be thrown to implement their plans. Let some of these tasks seem too small, not worthy of attention. However, you need to understand that every action is a small step towards your dream. And it doesn’t matter what price you have to pay for success: the end justifies the means. For the sake of material and professional well-being, you can sacrifice many, even personal lives. A particularly intense period of work is the summer months, but autumn will give a long-awaited respite and relative peace.

Water Dragon Year (1952, 2012) predicts peace of mind. Concerns and worries will be bypassed, time will appear to take care of yourself. Personal interests come to the fore, you should not delve into unnecessary problems. You need to concentrate on pleasant things, you can return to a forgotten hobby, resume old acquaintances. You should not delve into the solution of practical issues, especially without a preliminary plan. The risk is great not only not to advance in business, but also to burn out. It is important to reach an agreement with yourself, to find happiness in your personal life, and the rest will be tolerated until better times. A favorable period for all spheres of life is winter: problems are left behind, you can begin to summarize the results of the year.

Horoscope of the Dragon Year

Dragon Year for Rat 🐀 promises harmony in all areas of life. You can calmly go about your business, no one will disturb or touch. This period is especially favorable for lovers and couples. Fleeting novels, quarrels based on jealousy will be a thing of the past. It is important to maintain reigning harmony in personal life until the end of the period. Financially, the forecast is rather optimistic. Perhaps a new, reliable and very promising source of income will appear. Opportunities should not be missed, hoping to improve their financial situation in the near future. Favorable offers, new acquaintances, unexpected gifts of fate — everything should be to the good of the cause.

Dragon Year for Ox 🐂 is intended for fruitful work, although pleasant surprises are not excluded. The brilliance and some theatricality of what is happening should not be misleading. Without perseverance, diligence and honest work, success is unlikely to succeed. Any attempt to live this time easily and cheerfully, hoping for luck, should be abandoned. You can get a really worthy result only at the cost of incredible efforts. This also applies to personal life. It is necessary to abandon the role of the leader, stop bickering and take inappropriate initiative. The main thing is mutual understanding, without the support of loved ones it will be rather tight. But the financial situation does not inspire concern: income will be low, but stable.

Dragon Year for Tiger 🐅 is a gift of fate. Everything, whatever the hand touches, will turn into gold. Of course, we are talking about luck and luck in business. You can afford any antics surrounding will look at them through your fingers. However, you should direct the energy in the right direction, and not on empty entertainment. Even insignificant efforts will be enough to advance on a career ladder, to succeed in studies. Financially, there are many pleasant surprises. Unprofitable, at first glance, the transaction will be very profitable. And luck in love affairs can only be envied. In a word, one can rightfully enjoy life, occasionally being distracted by urgent matters.

Dragon Year for Rabbit 🐇 is a time of deep experiences. If you don’t want to waste yourself on mental suffering, you need to think in advance a plan of action. First, it is necessary to abandon cases requiring extreme concentration. You should adhere to a measured lifestyle, not paying attention to missed opportunities. It is better to live this period calmly, without special achievements, than to experience internal discomfort. Do not act against your will for the approval of strangers. The only incentive to decisive action is the desire to improve their financial situation. Financial transactions will be very profitable, but caution will not hurt.

Dragon Year for Dragon 🐉 predicts unprecedented luck and high-profile victories. Material well-being, rapid career growth, happiness in love — anything but sorrows and sorrows. Moreover, fate will be so supportive that it will not require anything in return. Do not have to exhaust yourself with exorbitant loads, seek out ways to improve life. The secret is quite simple: you need to tune positive, calmly perceive everything that is happening. If fortune is so generous, it would be foolish not to seize the chance. The main thing is to be open to everything new, to boldly take initiative in business and personal life.

Dragon Year for Snake 🐍 does not pose any danger, on the contrary, it is worth waiting for changes for the better. This is a great opportunity to dump the burden of old experiences and start all over again. If you do not fuss and do not take rash actions, even minor problems can be avoided. Wisdom, discretion, insight — qualities that can protect against rash steps. Perhaps life will seem fresh and boring, but it will please financial well-being, harmony in love relationships. Should I risk a stable position for dubious adventures? As for work, you can’t do without zeal and effort: you won’t be fed up with reasoning alone.

Dragon Year for Horse 🐎 is a favorable, but not the most productive period. In his personal life, bright events are expected, pleasant acquaintances and many compliments. However, things will not go beyond flirting and confidential conversations. Although such a development of events will not have negative consequences. You can allow yourself to unwind a bit without burdening you with unnecessary obligations. In professional terms, the situation is similar: brilliance, chic, but without special prospects. Adventurous ideas will not find application in real life, financial investments will not bring big profits. But business life will be saturated, it will be possible to establish profitable contacts.

Dragon Year for Goat 🐐 promises peace and prosperity in business. You can behave freely, shine, enjoy life, despite the confusion reigning around. The general turmoil will only benefit, you do not have to bear responsibility for your actions. Everything will turn out so easily that it will succeed in all areas of life. It is unlikely that there will be ill-wishers who want evil and put sticks into the wheels. Financial well-being, order in business, luck in love — an incomplete list of gifts that fate will bestow. You can openly, without hesitating to condemn people, to voice your desires. If a streak of luck has begun in life, then you need to skillfully use this chance.

Dragon Year for Monkey 🐒 prophesies grandiose changes, of course, for the better. Life needs updating, it’s time to break the usual course of things. You can behave as soon as you like: have fun, have fun and weirdly without measure. Do not restrain your desires, nothing will prevent you from achieving success. The main feature of this period is that goods are poured from a cornucopia. Do not have to strain, get out and come up with original ways to earn money. In personal life, everything is so beautiful that one can only hope that this happiness will last as long as possible. Even in married couples with experience will reign love and passion — and no everyday boredom.

Dragon Year for Rooster 🐓 is favorable in all respects, especially in his personal life. It’s time to tie the knot, if, of course, there is a desire for this. Married couples have many happy moments, although the passions are so high that quarrels from an excess of feelings are possible. In a word: movement is life. You can not stay alone for long, not the time to indulge in sad thoughts. You can work for the public, artificially stimulate interest in yourself. Anything but boredom. The financial and professional sphere in full order, most likely, will turn out to take a career to a new level. As a result, an improvement in financial standing.

Dragon Year for Dog 🐕 does not portend the fulfillment of desires, bright hopes. However, one cannot give in to pessimism; the future is drawn in the most positive colors. One has only to believe in oneself, to relieve the accumulated tension — and life will play in a new color. At the same time, it is impossible to reduce the pace of work, it is unlikely that fate will provide a chance to receive an undeserved remuneration. We’ll have to work hard so that we don’t need anything in the next cycles: hoping for the best, we need to prepare for the worst. In his personal life, bright events are not expected. Most likely, there will be no serious obstacles, but you should not count on luck in love affairs. You must confirm the seriousness of your intentions day after day.

Dragon Year for Pig 🐖 does not promise peace and peace of mind. It is best to lie low for a while, at least in the first few months. Do not act against your desires. If everything that happens in life causes only fatigue and irritation, then you need to change your worldview. Moreover, fate will provide an opportunity to relax. In material terms, the situation will be quite stable, financial risks are practically eliminated. Nothing terrible will happen if at least for a while to step back from business and devote all of yourself to the family. Communication with loved ones will help to survive unpleasant moments.

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