Monkey Year

In the Monkey Year, you can expect the most unpredictable events, for the most part with a plus sign. Fate will be extremely supportive, this is the best time for any undertakings. It is not forbidden to take risks and commit spontaneous acts, on the contrary, everything will have the tendency to behave uninhibitedly. Life goes on, every day is filled with a special meaning. It is better to take an observer position than to make unsuccessful attempts to change the course of things. Prudence and prudence will be useless, but naughty, frivolity and eccentricity are held in high esteem. The most successful period is summer, luck will peak in August. You can not deny yourself anything, any situation will be resolved safely.

If you wish, you can get everything you only dreamed about. A lot of prospects, new directions and opportunities for development will open. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, both money and the right people will begin to appear. In the Monkey year, one should not expect serious difficulties, even if problems arise, they will disappear on their own. Thanks to dexterity, tricks will be able to get out of dignity from the most delicate position. Financial well-being, career take-off and romantic adventures are a small fraction of everything that can happen. Life is much richer than any fabrications, unpredictable turns of events are likely. However, it is necessary to avoid deception, fraud, there is a great risk of becoming a hostage to their irresponsible actions.

Traits of the Monkey Year

The Monkey year favors new acquaintances. If before there was not enough time for communication, there will be many reasons for meeting with a variety of people. It will be possible to acquire useful connections that will come in handy in the near future. And you don’t have to make any supernatural efforts to become a universal favorite. To win the sympathy of people is not difficult, popularity will come by itself. A great sense of humor, a touch of mischief — and the whole world is at your feet. However, during pleasant conversations, one should not forget about the benefits of the case. Own interests should be in the first place, for the sake of personal gain, you can go to the trick. Others will not notice the deception if they act boldly and assertively: the end justifies the means.

Good luck will smile at risk and thrill lovers. Fate will provide an opportunity to live and have fun to the fullest. With a high degree of probability it will turn out to fulfill old dreams, for example, to make an exotic trip. Although in ordinary life there will be many extreme situations. In a word, the Monkey year is a continuous movement forward, a chaotic movement in time and space. However, in everything that happens, a certain meaning will be traced, the basis of any action is the desire to achieve personal well-being. There may be a need for leadership, the desire to enrich themselves by any means. Implementing your plan is not difficult: the future is encouraging.

In moments of sadness and despair, one should not exacerbate their suffering. Despite the total luck in all areas of life, to avoid problems completely will not work. Nervousness, some hysteria, haste can spoil even the most promising business. In the Monkey year, communication is of great importance. It must be remembered that conversation is a two-way process. You cannot build a serious relationship on one charm. It is necessary to treat other people’s opinions with respect, or at least create the appearance of interest. Fussiness, selfishness, moodiness are qualities that need to be eliminated. Inability or unwillingness to control oneself is the only thing that can spoil the atmosphere of an ongoing holiday.

Monkey Year and 5 elements influence

Everything that happens in the year of the Monkey is under the control of the prevailing elements. If the patron animal gives a certain direction to events, the dominant element creates a special emotional background. Each of the five elements in its own way affects the actions and character of people. For example, Wood indicates decency, a positive attitude towards life. The element of Fire gives refinement and elegance to actions. Earth testifies to conservatism, practicality. The element of Metal strengthens the sense of justice, the desire for independence. Water gives wisdom, intelligence, and compassion.

Wood Monkey Year (2004) favors the emergence of new ideas and plans. It’s time to invest in your own future. To succeed, you need to show such qualities as curiosity, resourcefulness. It is necessary to actively study everything new, to be aware of everything happening in the world. A developed, flexible mind is a source of innovative ideas. Moreover, one should not hesitate in their implementation. Even the most useful information tends to become outdated quickly. In addition, if you delay the implementation of your ideas, you can lose interest in them. Sooner or later, the temptation will arise to get rid of boring thoughts, as a result - incomplete work, which could become a jerk forward.

Fiery Monkey Year (1956, 2016) is a period of expansion of horizons. There comes a moment of truth, do not live life in vain. If you want to improve your social status, you can not hesitate. It is necessary to take the initiative, for example, take on additional responsibilities, expand the list of powers. The main thing is to assert your authority by any means. It doesn’t matter in which area you have to prove your worth. You may have to take responsibility for loved ones or gain recognition at work. If you follow a well-tuned strategy, everything will work out. To achieve the goals, the summer months should be used to the maximum, the peak period is August.

Earth Monkey Year (1968, 2028) promises to be generous with gifts. There comes a time of serious change, everything around will contribute to physical and mental activity. To comply with a given rhythm, you will have to abandon secondary matters. Focus on what’s really important. There are a lot of options for the development of events: career rise, improvement in financial condition or family well-being. The main thing is constant movement. If you manage to realize your plan, you can strengthen your position for many years to come. Subtotals will be visible in the fall. It is important to calculate the strength correctly: the stronger the will to win, the better the result.

Metal Monkey Year (1980) predicts unprecedented luck in all areas of life: dreams come true. You can count on luck in business, the conclusion of profitable contracts. The main secret to success is tough, decisive action. Despite all the difficulties, it is impossible to postpone the implementation of their plans for an uncertain future. Thanks to a well-thought-out strategy, competent investments will improve the financial situation. Even more promising prospects are opening up in the field of personal relations. This is a good time to marry and strengthen family ties. Close people — reliable support and assurance in difficult moments. Vanity, selfishness should be abandoned in order to become closer to them.

Water Monkey Year (1992) is not the easiest time, there is a great risk of being in an unpleasant situation. Will have to submit to the will of circumstances, it is unlikely to be able to influence what is happening. It remains only to hope for intuition, which will prompt a way out of a vicious circle of problems. Only thanks to luck will it be possible to overcome fatal circumstances. Sharp angles must be avoided, even to the detriment of one’s own interests. It is better not to share your plans with others, the ability to keep secrets is an indispensable skill. Do not neglect caution. If you wish, you can make up for lost profits, but not for lost reputation. Serious shifts should not be expected before the autumn-winter period.

Horoscope of the Monkey Year

Monkey Year for Rat 🐀 promises to be generous with gifts and surprises. These are various pleasant surprises, and high-profile victories. There is no single recipe for happiness, everyone will find the opportunity to realize their dreams. And you don’t have to deal with circumstances, to prove to anyone your right to success. Some frivolity is quite acceptable: the time for updating is coming. You can try yourself in a new role. The main thing is to live for pleasure, as if having fun. If your career has stalled, you should focus on your personal life. The year is favorable for couples and people who want to marry, it is here that you can find balance and happiness.

Monkey Year for Ox 🐂 advises to gain courage, you will have to cope with tremendous stress. All sorts of surprises and troubles will wait around every corner. The ability to hold a face in any circumstances will be a valuable quality: in general, everything is fine, and the details are superfluous. It is possible to survive even in the turbulent whirlpool of events, if you do not show unnecessary activity and initiative. Problems should be addressed in a timely manner, but without undue enthusiasm. If you have financial difficulties, you need to reduce your spending. A crisis has ripened in his personal life — it’s time to take a break in the relationship. Everything is quite simple and, importantly, painless for the state of mind.

Monkey Year for Tiger 🐅 draws bright prospects, but what will actually happen is a big intrigue. The time has come to act, it is necessary to make every effort to achieve long-planned plans. Purposeful work, perseverance and diligence will yield the result: concluding profitable deals, academic success, establishing useful business contacts. However, some difficulties cannot be ruled out; fate may throw surprises, not necessarily pleasant ones. Good luck on the side of those who can make quick decisions. Therefore, do not put off important matters until later, in the hope of a better future. Expectations and hopes may not come true, and catching up will not be easy.

Monkey Year for Rabbit 🐇 is not remarkable, most likely, will not be remembered. Sometimes it will seem that every day is similar to the previous one. However, do not despair, to get out of the vicious circle of monotony is quite possible. It is necessary to gain courage and even impudence to make qualitative changes in life. Moreover, one should proceed only from one’s desires; the opinions of others should not be taken into account. Let the decisions turn out to be not the most successful, the situation will even out sooner or later. Ultimately, everything will work out in the best way. The main thing is to find the fulcrum. Even balancing on the brink of an abyss, it is important to maintain peace of mind.

Monkey Year for Dragon 🐉 calls for moving only forward, even if assertiveness borders on self-confidence. Any development of events is possible, it’s time to take revenge for past defeats. You should expect a career take-off, financial success and well-being in your personal life. However, you should not rely solely on your experience, the advice of relatives and colleagues will be useful. Betting on teamwork is a great opportunity to avoid risks and losses. For the sake of their own well-being, it is worth learning to accept criticism and reckon with other people’s opinions. A compromise is always appropriate, there will still be time to demonstrate its splendor in all its splendor.

Monkey Year for Snake 🐍 promises a lot of exciting adventures. You should not limit your curiosity, you need to actively participate in everything that causes interest. Let the events do not meet expectations, but the experience gained will be useful in the future. It is unacceptable to make claims and grumble about fate, nothing should distract from the main goal — change at any cost. Perhaps, there will be a move to a new residence, interesting meetings and memorable trips. It is necessary to positively perceive everything that is happening, not to be afraid of risk and experiments. In general, success will depend on the spirit, and not on the efforts and abilities applied.

Monkey Year for Horse 🐎 advises to save energy, you should not waste yourself on trifles. Although life itself will push for decisive action, everything needs a measure. Before you get involved in the struggle, you need to secure your rear. You will have to try a lot to stay in the zone of personal comfort. Perhaps you should not set yourself ambitious tasks, solving everyday problems is an urgent need. If you don’t expect too much, you won’t have to give up. It is recommended to focus on loved ones, find an opportunity to relax with the whole family. Serious projects should be postponed indefinitely, now is not the time for global change.

Monkey Year for Goat 🐐 offers events for every taste, the main thing is not to lose touch with reality. Ahead are waiting for surprises and generous gifts that fate will throw up throughout the period. Career growth, financial well-being, short meetings and turbulent relationships - from all this the head can go round. However, you should be a little more serious, otherwise you can miss the opportunity to create a bridgehead for future conquests. If you show at least a little initiative, you will succeed significantly in business. You should direct energy to the implementation of ambitious goals, and entertainment will not go anywhere. Everything has its own time: you need to be able to work and relax.

Monkey Year for Monkey 🐒 is a time of miracles and fulfillment of desires. Everything is so good that it’s hard to believe in your happiness. This period can be a starting point in the growth of material well-being. You do not have to dodge and dodge to catch luck by the tail. The most modest investments will bring huge profits. Such luck will accompany all undertakings. You can live for your own pleasure, have fun and revel in success, without thinking about pressing problems. It is easy, as if effortlessly, to gain credibility in society, to achieve recognition in professional circles. As for personal life, the intensity of passions will reach its climax: the clarification of relations can not be avoided.

Monkey Year for Rooster 🐓 promises a well-deserved reward. This is the time of fateful decisions, it is necessary to concentrate on significant things. Circumstances will contribute to the implementation of ambitious plans. If fate sets up the bandwagon, the hitch will be short. In addition to luck, you will have to work hard to reach a new level. It is not forbidden to behave provocatively, any attempts to assert oneself will find understanding among others. The main thing is liberated behavior, complete self-confidence. With such an attitude, victory is guaranteed, you just have to enjoy your triumph. Relatives will be happy to share this success, in terms of personal relationships - complete calm.

Monkey Year for Dog 🐕 is a period of dramatic change: the time has come to act. Social status, financial situation, professional success will depend only on personal initiative. It is necessary to believe in success, in spite of everything, the only way will be able to subordinate circumstances to your will. Any difficulties and problems will be temporary. Fate is changeable: small failures will be followed by major victories, followed by disappointment - joy. You can be sure that efforts are not in vain: the results obtained will exceed expectations. You just have to wait a bit, most likely the end of the year will be the most fruitful.

Monkey Year for Pig 🐖 gives hope for a better future, especially personal life. This is a favorable period for the beginning of a long relationship. A fateful meeting is likely, it is unacceptable to spend time alone. If there is no self-confidence, it is urgent, as soon as possible, to master the art of flirting. Lovers will be able to determine the date of the wedding, and couples arrange a second honeymoon. Fate will provide a chance to look at your partner from the other side. In a word, it is impossible not to succumb to the romantic atmosphere. Full understanding, harmony in relations — the main achievement of this year.

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