Rat Year

The Rat year is favorable for stockpiling for the future. Efforts should be made to achieve meaningful goals that can change lives. The motives of practicality, the desire to increase material wealth should be the basis of any actions. To this end, it is necessary to calmly, without too much fuss, compile a to-do list for the whole year. Moreover, the sooner a work plan is determined, the greater success will be achieved. Whatever the circumstances, one must first think about one’s own well-being. The Rat is a practical, intelligent creature, it is necessary to use its potential to the fullest. It is important to create a good foundation, allowing you to adequately survive the hardships of subsequent years.

For all its apparent dexterity, extraordinary liveliness, the Rat is distinguished by increased anxiety. It is unlikely that it will be possible to live a year without minor, but still difficulties. Moreover, problems can occur literally from scratch. Excessive diligence, focus on household trifles significantly narrow the horizons, deprive free thinking. Probably more attention should be paid to other aspects of life. In the Rat year, there are many opportunities for active, thinking people, capable of decisive actions. The autumn and winter months will be especially successful in terms of personal well-being, when you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. The main thing is to act softly and think soberly.

Traits of the Rat Year

The main feature of the Rat year is the success of any undertakings. Ideas will come by themselves, as if from nowhere. We must not miss this advantageous moment that promises the implementation of all our plans. It is important not only to set clear goals, but also to be able to cope with difficulties. At the beginning of the year, troubles are likely to be avoided. But in the summer, you can expect the first difficulties, the reasons are very different, for example, fatigue, a desire to relax. An equally significant reason for slowing down the pace of activity is an improper distribution of forces. If you lack your own knowledge and skills, you should turn to intuition. No need to limit yourself to a certain framework. It is worth trusting the inner voice, mysticism and rationality are a very successful combination.

No matter how stormy life is, it is necessary to acquire useful contacts: the wider the circle of contacts, the better. In this matter, one should not be scrupulous. If not at the beginning, at least by the middle of the year, you need to have an idea of your future prospects. It does not matter when and under what circumstances the acquaintance took place: in the Rat year, events are not random. Each new person will bring something new to life, giving an impetus to further development. Allowed any means of attracting attention, up to intrigue and manipulating people. You need to surround yourself with loyal supporters. In this matter, a big role is played by the willingness not to stand up to the price.

Money problems can occur throughout the year. Although the financial situation will be relatively smooth, most likely it will turn out to be profitable to invest money, to return old debts. Material well-being is a prerequisite for a comfortable life in the Rat year. You need to have at least a small amount of money in stock. However, no less important factor is internal harmony, since it will be difficult to overcome financial difficulties without peace of mind. It is likely that bouts of unreasonable squandering, when suddenly flashed passion for shopping out of control. As a result, the implementation of plans for the accumulation of money will be in jeopardy.

Rat Year and 5 elements influence

The characteristics of the Rat year will be incomplete without taking into account the individual characteristics of five different elements. The influence of each of them is so strong that events can take an unexpected turn. For example, the Tree adds balance, in contrast to it, the Fire gives a stormy temperament. Earth element indicates conservative tendencies. The element of Metal testifies to the strength of character, and Water, on the contrary, gives it flexibility and diplomacy.

Wood Rat Year (1984) implies harmonious development and a new quality of life. It seems that even the air is saturated with the expectation of change. I would like, if not cool to change my life, at least make a note of mischief and positive. Everything that happens will contribute to the realization of this desire. It is likely that in the spring, dissatisfaction with the current situation may reach critical proportions. However, no drastic action is required. You should adhere to your plans, in the spirit of a practical Rat. However, there is no need to put up with disorder. You just need to trust your feelings and believe in the best. Spring is optimistic: a fresh wind of change will blow — and life will sparkle with new colors.

Fiery Rat Year (1996) portends a series of bright events, a pleasant experience is guaranteed. However, you should not think that life will consist only of holidays. You will have to work hard to achieve a certain level of well-being. Moreover, mediocre performance of work will not suit the fastidious Rat: hackwork is unacceptable. You can get creative, it’s important to create a motivating atmosphere. In this regard, it will be useful to add a little variety to the workflow. It is quite appropriate to take matters into your own hands: leadership ambitions will be out of place. If you competently manage the available opportunities, in the summer you can get confirmation of the correctness of their actions.

Earth Rat Year (1948, 2008) requires a responsible approach to business. You should not count on luck, only honest work deserves a reward. Communications play an important role; tactics of behavior need to be thought out. It is necessary to attract as many people as possible. However, even in the excitement of competition, one must not stoop to baseness. It is better to draw strength in communicating with colleagues, their help is priceless. Although you should not fully rely on the competence of others. Without personal initiative and enthusiasm, getting things off the ground will be difficult. As soon as there is regression in professional activity, measures should be taken immediately and a break in work should be taken. A great time to relax is the end of summer and the first autumn month.

Metal Rat Year (1960, 2020) contributes to the disclosure of organizational talent. Any activity related to communication will be successful. You should get useful connections, even a fleeting acquaintance will bring many benefits. However, there is a great risk of losing public support due to their own obstinacy and intransigence. A firm confidence in one’s innocence, a responsible approach to business is a small fraction of success. One cannot do without outside help. If at the beginning of the year they will be followed by failures, there is no need to be upset. You should not expect significant shifts in business before the fall. By this time, you should decide on your strategy, and most importantly — surround yourself with reliable assistants.

Water Rat Year (1972) promises harmony and mutual understanding in relations with others. It does not matter with whom fate will bring, it will be possible to establish contact. It is necessary to use this moment to strengthen friendship and family ties. You should tune in to positive communication, you should not lose control of yourself for even a minute. Emotional restraint, outbursts of anger and aggression can ruin the matter. Better to give in a little than to get involved in disputes and scandals. Do not exaggerate the complexity of the problems, you can laugh at temporary failures. A positive attitude towards life is the best recipe for all adversities. The autumn-winter period will be especially successful when it will be possible to finally resolve all controversial issues and take stock.

Horoscope of the Rat Year

Rat Year for Rat 🐀 is a favorable period promising a calm life. The mistress of the year will try to protect her wards by any means. The main thing is not to act against her will. You should not behave cheekily, spend money on unnecessary trinkets. It is better to invest in long-term projects, abandoning momentary desires. In personal life, luck will accompany, lovers will be able to avoid problems in relationships. All spheres of activity will be successful, the year will be especially fruitful for people engaged in creative and mental work. However, it should not be delayed with decisions, the implementation of plans, it is impossible to leave work at the very last moment.

Rat Year for Ox 🐂 portend a lot of positive events. You must take advantage of this opportunity to create cash reserves. You can count on interesting proposals in terms of work, the transition to a higher position is not excluded. Despite the favorable attitude of the mistress of the year, the unpredictable development of the situation cannot be ruled out. Success is guaranteed only if you properly dispose of available resources. It will turn out not only to carry out the plan, but also to discover new opportunities. In personal life, negative events are unlikely, but you should not take risks, it is better to do without quarrels based on jealousy.

Rat Year for Tiger 🐅 is not the easiest time, it is worth revising some life principles. You may have to give up your pride, learn to show humility. Do not rely on the quick fulfillment of desires, you need to think more about prospects. In personal and professional life, emphasis should be placed on planning. At the beginning of the year, it may seem that events are developing too slowly. Everything that happens will not cause great delight, as well as experiences. However, external calm is deceptive, some difficulties are possible. It is necessary to acquire strong allies so that by the end of the year you will not be alone, mourning the collapse of hopes.

Rat Year for Rabbit 🐇 is fraught with some dangers: betrayal, deceit or fraud. Do not think that troubles lie in wait around every corner. However, proceed gently and carefully. It is necessary to focus on inner sensations, moving away from everyday trifles. Do not be frank with others, trust new friends: distance in communication will not hurt. In general, life will add up as intended. This period is especially favorable for people in a relationship. In professional terms, one should not expect sharp ups and downs, the situation will be quite stable throughout the year.

Rat Year for Dragon 🐉 promises a decent standard of living. Most likely, the memories of this time will remain the most pleasant. You don’t have to feel the need, on the contrary, there will be an opportunity to increase your capital. This is a period of professional achievement, therefore, in addition to accumulation, you should take up your career closely. It will be useful to move away from the usual pattern of behavior. If you act quickly and think outside the box, success is guaranteed. In personal life, with due persistence, significant progress can be made. With a high degree of probability it will be possible to overcome the family crisis or find your soul mate. The main thing is the willingness to risk everything for the sake of love.

Rat Year for Snake 🐍 predicts not quite the usual course of events. You should not rely on blind luck, it is unlikely that you will be able to receive undeserved dividends. The main thing is prudence and dedication. Without diligence and hard work, achieving something worthwhile will be difficult. It is permissible to resort to intrigue: the end justifies the means. A year is good for professional activities, self-development. You should not expect trouble in your personal life. With a little clarification — you cannot betray your principles. Everything that happens in life must meet expectations, otherwise you need to change the rules of the game, adjust your goals.

Rat Year for Horse 🐎 is a fairly calm time, although you won’t be able to completely avoid worries and worries. Activity should be reduced to a minimum, be patient and take some time off with initiatives. In any incomprehensible situation, you need to be careful, but you can not cheat and cheat. It is necessary to use strengths of your character, for example, perseverance and hard work. However, stubbornness should be abandoned, more should be trusted in the opinions of others. You may have to abandon summer vacations in order to implement projects that promise income. In a love relationship, you need to be patient, especially this advice is relevant for couples.

Rat Year for Goat 🐐 implies a complete focus on yourself. One should not be distracted by external fuss: own interests are above all. It is necessary to abandon haste in all areas of life. You need to soberly assess your chances, you can not take on matters that require higher qualifications. It will be useful to listen to the advice of others: someone else’s experience will bring closer to success, and indulging your ambitions can lead to a dead end. In personal life one should not take initiative, it is enough to behave sincerely and act according to the situation. Of particular concern is the financial situation, most likely, you will have to seek financial help.

Rat Year for Monkey 🐒 is favorable in terms of the implementation of their desires. Success will be accompanied by everything that happens, old acquaintances and the ability to make money from the air will be useful. Even if non-standard situations arise, it will turn out to cope with difficulties in two ways. In financial terms, big profits are expected, but only if the right choice was made at the beginning of the year. In addition to activity, intuition and hard work should be included. Without these components, even useful contacts will not be able to help build a career. In personal life, loud quarrels, a boil of passions are expected. However, all this can be avoided if you abandon selfishness.

Rat Year for Rooster 🐓 is not the time to give in to adventures. Do not think that the mistress of the year will forgive any mistakes and misconduct. You have to moderate your violent temper in order to achieve your goals. In professional activities, some difficulties are possible due to quarrels and conflicts with colleagues. You can’t take words for granted, you need to take into account only specific actions. It is better to direct all your energy to achieve harmony in your personal life. No serious shocks are expected here, although pleasant surprises are not excluded. This period is especially favorable for those who are looking for their soul mate. Confessions should not be delayed if strong feelings have arisen.

Rat Year for Dog 🐕 is not too materially successful. You should refrain from serious expenses and investments in dubious projects. As for the work, the situation is quite predictable: no significant changes are expected, the order will reign supreme. Even if new proposals arrive, it is most likely worth abandoning them. But family life will please: nothing can break the harmony and mutual understanding. Although minor quarrels due to domestic problems are not excluded. For people who are not in a relationship, there will be a chance to start a family. However, much will depend on one’s own activity.

Rat Year for Pig 🐖 promises good luck in any endeavors. It’s time to decide on your priorities. It is necessary to devote a lot of time to self-education, striving for personal growth. If you are not encouraged by successes in professional activities, you can focus on relationships with people. It is not necessary to rush into the pool with your head, devote all your time only to family or chatting with friends. You need to learn how to benefit from the relationship, you can develop a strategy for developing a joint business. The financial situation will be stable, you may have to provide financial assistance to loved ones.

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