Tiger Year

The Tiger year opens up endless possibilities, provides a chance to change your life. This is a period of expansion of spheres of influence. No matter how significant the gains are, the main thing is not to be at rest. Any actions should be performed with one goal — to reach a new level. It is necessary to strive forward, even if success does not come immediately. It is likely that by the end of the year desires will change, but there is nothing reprehensible in this. The process itself is important, you need to give the output of boiling energy. The beginning of the year will be especially successful: spring is the heyday of strength. There is no time for buildup; one should act decisively, not relying on the will of chance. However, courage must be distinguished from recklessness.

It is naive to believe that the Tiger year will be quiet and calm. Cases during this period will require increased vigilance: barriers will arise on the way to the set goals. You must be careful, monitor the slightest changes and always be aware of what is happening. One has only to be distracted, how can one find himself in an unpleasant situation. And nothing will portend trouble, life just happened. In addition to courage, indefatigable activity, one should be judicious: if actions overtake thoughts, this is the way to nowhere. Doing rash actions in search of adrenaline is not the best way to succeed. Although quite attractive: the danger excites the blood.

Traits of the Tiger Year

The Tiger year promises changes in all areas of life, it is difficult to predict the outcome of events. There will be a certain craving for publicity, a desire to show oneself from the best side. However, after the troubles, one should not forget about the main purpose: to put nobility above all else. You can not cause people pain and inconvenience, any actions should be dictated by the desire to help. If you follow your spiritual impulses, you will quickly achieve what you want — to be in the spotlight. Good deeds will not be forgotten, this is a real opportunity to create a foundation for the future, albeit not material, but also very significant. Useful contacts are always useful, the support of others is a powerful weapon.

One should not be surprised at the abundance of events and unexpected situations. In the Tiger year, the perception of time changes, the pace of life accelerates. The eternal search, the pursuit of something unknown — all this is very exciting, although no less tiring. If at first nothing causes inconvenience, annoyance may build up by the end of the year. You may have to take a short break in work to find a foothold, to change life guidelines. You should not stubbornly insist on your own if stagnation is outlined in business. Principle should not contradict common sense: strength is not in perseverance, but in wisdom. You can find a worthy application for your abilities, the main thing is to correctly grasp the right moment.

An unquenchable thirst for power can take on ugly forms. Indulging your ambitions can deprive your mind and last strength. Exaggerated conceit would rather cause a misunderstanding of those around than encourage them to cooperate. Quarrels, protracted conflicts are likely, and all because of the desire for power at any cost. If leadership ambitions are so strong that it is impossible to abandon even part of the plans, it is worth taking time to think. Great help will be provided by loved ones, do not ignore their advice. You can plan a joint vacation, it is better to give preference to outdoor activities. A favorable period is the end of summer or the beginning of autumn, communication difficulties will not arise, and business activity will decline.

Tiger Year and 5 elements influence

Everything that happens in the year of the Tiger is under the control of one of the five elements. The individual characteristics of each of them give the events a certain color, affect the character and mood of a person. All five elements have unique properties, it is impossible to confuse them. For example, Wood is responsible for growth and development, Fire — for temperament. Earth personifies stability, practicality. Metal indicates decisiveness, even some belligerent character. Water gives wisdom, high intelligence.

Wood Tiger Year (1974) is favorable for communication, building trust. A good-natured, peaceful atmosphere will reign everywhere. It is impossible not to imbue this mood. In difficult situations, you can’t give free rein to aggression, a great way to agree is a great sense of humor. An ironic attitude to life will help to adequately survive any troubles. Although without a support group it will be quite tight. Active cooperation, close interaction are the basis of success. Spring is especially favorable in this regard: new meetings, promising acquaintances. If you take these opportunities correctly, you can expect significant progress in business.

Fiery Tiger Year (1986) calls for action: not a second of procrastination and stagnation. No matter how successful the actions taken are, the main thing is enthusiasm, inspired work. Success lies in quickness and courage, doubts are out of place here. Although the rapid movement forward can cause discontent and envy of others. Quarrels and conflicts are likely: not everyone is able to withstand the stressful pace of life. Do not pay attention to ill-wishers, you need to safely follow your goals. Particularly difficult, but at the same time fruitful period is summer, when progress is emerging in all areas of life. All things will be argued, if not to slow down.

Earth Tiger Year (1998) will help in solving practical issues. You should not waste energy, it is unlikely that you can achieve your goals immediately. You can not stop until you feel a solid soil under your feet. Better to give up hope for a quick enrichment: risky ventures will fail. Only through incredible efforts can success be achieved. In a difficult situation, you should count on the support of others. At the same time, despite the general complacency, it is quite easy to find enemies. One has only to stumble a bit, offend someone with an incautious word — and conflict is inevitable. Although a quarrel may erupt due to nonsense, reconciliation will be very difficult.

Metal Tiger Year (1950, 2010) prophesies good fortune in achieving its plan. You must immediately seriously tune in to work, do not wait for relief. If you want to achieve quick results, you will have to show a lot of perseverance and diligence. You can’t change the decisions made, any deviation from the chosen direction is a step to failure. Despite strong self-confidence, the interests of others should be taken into account. Obsession with work, integrity and strong-willed character are important, but not the most important components of success. In dealing with people, it is necessary to show gentleness, patience. Closer to the fall, you can take intermediate results to adequately complete the year.

Water Tiger Year (1962, 2022) will require moderation and prudence in business. You should refrain from rash and dangerous actions. There is no hurry, life is so complicated that it is difficult to foresee all possible options. Care must be taken in making decisions. If you behave appropriately, sensitively react to changes, you can find harmony with yourself and the world around you. A calm environment contributes to a positive attitude and changes for the better. It is necessary to nourish this atmosphere in every way. The end of the year is especially favorable; it promises peace and tranquility. You can, with a clear conscience, summarize the results of the past cycle.

Horoscope of the Tiger Year

Tiger Year for Rat 🐀 prepared many surprises, and not all of them will be pleasant. You have to show cunning and quick wits to avoid set traps. The main motto of the year is caution. Do not count on the indulgence and understanding of others: each for himself. You should refrain from initiative in small, everyday affairs, most likely, the situation will gradually resolve itself. It is necessary to direct energy to solving really important problems. You will still have the opportunity to live in a big way, but now it’s worth reducing your activity to a minimum. Personal issues will require special attention; here it is better to trust intuition.

Tiger Year for Ox 🐂 is a difficult period, ambiguous and provoking to a variety of actions. It’s pretty hard to keep calm when unforeseen events happen. Even if circumstances do not work out in the best way, you need to be prepared for everything. You can not give in to provocations, you just have to lose control of yourself — and the world will collapse. It is important to calmly and confidently follow your goals, not paying attention to what is happening around. Anxiety and fear for the future, most likely, will not have visible grounds, no need to wind up yourself. The quickest way to ruin your life is to give free rein to your feelings.

Tiger Year for Tiger 🐅 is a magical time: all changes are only for the better. This is a great opportunity to prove yourself in all its glory. You can not worry about material and personal well-being. Everything will turn out, life will sparkle with new colors. You just need to use this chance correctly to change your destiny. Although enthusiasm and fervor may be enough for a short time, it is necessary to maintain the desired mood throughout the period. Despite the total luck, it will not be superfluous to behave modestly. You should not show arrogance, in every possible way to attract attention and idly spend time. It is necessary to use our strength for good, and not to amuse our own vanity.

Tiger Year for Rabbit 🐇 is favorable for the Rabbit in terms of new conquests. Do not hesitate to take initiatives; any undertakings will succeed. If until this time it was not possible to realize your ambitious plans, you can take trial steps. Act should be gentle, but persistent. In a calm environment it is easier to achieve greater success than in a state of war. A friendly attitude will help to find loyal allies. It is unlikely that there will be people who will not like this behavior. The family deserves special attention, it is in the circle of loved ones that one can find solace in case of unforeseen difficulties. Although trouble is unlikely, the only obstacle is laziness of its own.

Tiger Year for Dragon 🐉 is a great opportunity to show themselves in all their splendor. It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, to be in public all the time. First of all, efforts should be directed towards gaining authority in society. If you manage to attract attention to your person, you can assume that the time was not wasted. You need to make the most of your natural data — charm, a great sense of humor. It is better to leave the experience to oneself; one should not demonstrate weaknesses. People will follow a strong leader, and support is half the success. Luck in business can rightfully be considered a worthy reward for the efforts made. Events in his personal life will also please, most likely, you will not have to be bored.

Tiger Year for Snake 🐍 is fraught with many dangers, but do not worry: all troubles are fixable. You may have to change your lifestyle a bit. It will take will, endurance and patience, and most importantly — the Snake will become more mobile. It is unlikely to be able to sit aside, waiting for better times. If you do not take any action, you can significantly roll back and lose previous gains. This applies to all areas of life. In particular, financially, you should beware of risky operations. In personal life, misunderstandings and disagreements are possible, quarrels can arise from scratch. Do not take the situation to the extreme, you must work ahead of the curve.

Tiger Year for Horse 🐎 does not promise peace. No half measures and cautious steps: change must be radical. Let it sometimes seem that life has changed for the worse, the end result will please. The main thing is that fate provided a chance to try yourself in a new role. If you couldn’t get into a dizzying affair before, it’s time to plunge into the pool of passion with your head. You can prove yourself as an independent person, start a new business, change your job or study, move to another city. Do not think that failures are completely excluded, events can take an unpredictable turn. However, one cannot restrain oneself; one must act without looking back.

Tiger Year for Goat 🐐 predicts anxiety and excitement, for the most part in vain. Most likely, significant problems will be avoided, although no special achievements are expected. The main thing is to survive this period without loss: to remain at one’s place. To this end, you can temporarily reduce your activity. Have to adapt to other people, look for common ground. Others are unlikely to meet, they will focus solely on their problems. If there is no desire to meet the expectations of others, you can move away from society. Self-love, focus on personal interests — a reasonable measure in these circumstances. Support and comfort should be sought in the family.

Tiger Year for Monkey 🐒 offers to slow down, it’s time to relax a bit. Most likely, this period will have to live as a spectator. It is not worth claiming the main role, it is much more useful to observe what is happening from the side. A slight lull in business will not hurt. One has only to focus on oneself, as the world opens on the other side. You can get so much valuable information and useful experience that this stock will last for many years to come. Particularly favorable year for professional and personal growth. You can devote this time to study, self-development. In your personal life, do not rush things, it is better to leave everything as it is.

Tiger Year for Rooster 🐓 is a time of trials; you will have to go through a number of unpleasant moments. It is unlikely that you can count on quick success or sudden luck. Have to part with the dream to live a bright and fun year. This period is not suitable for creative experiments, the search for one’s place in life. Problems will not disappear on their own if you don’t make an effort. It is worth abandoning bravado, deliberate demonstration of their merits. It is necessary to keep energy in check so as not to waste oneself in vain. Will have to either adapt to the proposed circumstances, or reconcile with defeat. Time should be used to good, perhaps it is time to acquire new habits.

Tiger Year for Dog 🐕 will provide a chance to show their best qualities: self-sacrifice, kindness, sincerity. In the first place should be the interests of society, and not their own ambitious plans. Acting at the behest of the heart, you can imperceptibly break out into the leaders. Respect from others, recognition of merit — that’s what you should strive for. It is necessary to abandon the thirst for enrichment, the desire to rise above the rest. This period is the best match for the nature of the Dog — serving high ideals. If you do not go against your will, everything will turn out pretty easily. The year is especially successful for couples and people who are serious about marriage.

Tiger Year for Pig 🐖 implies a cozy, quiet life. Most likely, you don’t have to adapt to uncomfortable conditions. If difficulties arise, it will be easy to overcome them. At the right time, profitable offers will appear, influential people will lend a helping hand. It remains only to take advantage of the opportunities that have opened up to the maximum. Financial difficulties, career issues will not be of particular importance. All thoughts should revolve around the house and family — this is the best way to relax and get rid of all problems. You should not enter into conflicts, you need to forgive offenders. The future does not bode down to serious trials; one can allow oneself to show generosity and generosity.

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