Moon Calendar

Moon Calendar 2023

Scientists continue to debate exactly when the Moon Calendar was appeared, but is definitely one thing - this is a useful assistant for every day. It is even likely that you will not once in their lives, determine the phenomena, which are described in the recommendations of the lunar calendar, but it is quite naturally. After all, all the people on the ground are very different, and the influence of the moon on each manifest in different ways. But observation shows that the theme of the zodiac sign under which is now moving moon, often manifests itself in our emotions, feelings, and real events. Recommendations on the most auspicious day of each month are collected in a separate moon calendar for 2023 year. You can also view the information in the following year - Moon Calendar for 2024 Year.

Moon Days

Moon calendar - a cyclic change the 4 phases of the night lights. By the calendar lunar month consists of 29-30 lunar day on the basis of the length of the 1st day, moreover, determined by the proximity of the moon on the horizon at the time of the new moon. Moon day (lunar days) is not always equal to each other in magnitude. This is due to the fact that the true lunar cycle is about twenty-nine and a half of sunny days. Try to adopt in their lives hint of cosmic rhythms, be sure to confirm - Moon Day Today.

Moon Phases

Moon Phases - it’s different form of sunlit side of the Moon seen from the Earth. If the Moon Days mostly determine our behavior, the phases of the moon affect the state of our body, its degree of vitality and activity. To better understand what is happening and make the right decision check astrologers hint - what Moon Phase Today.

Moon Zodiac Signs

The Moon travels from one zodiac sign to another every two or three days. Once per month the Moon is in the same sign of the zodiac with the Sun - when it is New Moon Phase and the first two days in front of it. Moon in the zodiac sign influences the subconscious human needs, defines the habits and behavior, responsible for emotions.

Moon Houses

Actual Moon orbit around the Earth, visible from the Sun, is 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes and 11 seconds. As the Earth revolves around the Sun and, while the Moon travels around the Earth, the Moon goes from one full moon to the next at longer time. The full cycle of the moon, as seen from Earth, is about 29.5 days. Ancient astrologers used a 28-day lunar month, and every day of the moon was considered the lunar mansions called - Moon House.