Moon Days

Moon day - time interval between two moonrise. Exceptions are the first and last lunar day. Lunar month consists of 29 or 30 days and divided into four Moon Phases. Cycle starts from the point of the new moon, the duration of the first and last day of the cycle can vary from 1 minute to a day. The first lunar day should be counted from new moon to the first lunar sunrise. Second lunar day begins with the first sunrise to the second, the third day of the second lunar sunrise, etc.

We offer learn more characteristics of every lunar day, is a description of each lunar day basis. They described in detail the recommendations of people born in a particular lunar day. Each lunar day is characterized by its symbol and has its own rhythm. Man is born on a certain day of the moon, which is embodied in his own rhythm for life. It is believed that this is the most ancient lunar calendar information, extant. People who are fond of astrology, these symbols can be used for meditation. They also help to better understand the lunar horoscope.

Full Moon Day

Full Moon Day as sunny, composed of four parts: the Moon Morning, Moon Day, Moon Evening and Moon Night. Duration lunar day is about 25 hours, and solar are known - 24 hours. But the study found that the human biological clock, "wound" was on the moon 25-hour rhythm.

Moon Morning lasts from moonrise to its upper culmination, when the Moon passes through the MC. According to the Moon Calendar, this moon period may coincide with the start of a sunny day just in the first days of the lunar month, and then he comes later and later, and in the fourth phase of the Moon month of the Moon Calendar, the morning comes late at night. This portion of the lunar day is the most unstable, the man at this time excitable, changeable, it is difficult to control his emotions. Moon calendar advises people born in the lunar morning, learn to control their emotions.

Moon Day lasts from the upper culmination to the moonset. This period of moon day may coincide with the solar day. Moon day brings high anxiety, negative emotions hidden, falls on the moon day rush of emotion, and because of the excessive waste of energy can be an emotional breakdown. Moon day - this is the most favorable time working on yourself. Lunar calendar recommends moon day engaged in disease prevention, to take medication. A person born in the lunar day, the moon appear brighter qualities.

Moon Evening lasts from dusk until the bottom culmination of the Moon. This period brings emotional maturity; at this time it is easier to control their emotions. Moon evening in the third phase of the Moon month often same as a sunny day. At this time, more people committed to emotional harmony. Moon calendar tells that a person born in the Moon evening, a few slowed down, it is capable of self-absorbed; such a person more easily than other people, ignore the problems of the outside world.

Moon Night extends from the bottom up to the culmination of the moonrise. During the Moon Night one becomes more withdrawn and is committed to privacy, especially seen in people with a strong Moon. In the Moon Night it is recommended to limit contacts. According to the Moon Calendar, people born in the Moon Night, as it sums up the emotional cycle. Emotions such person hidden deep inside, causing depressions.