1 Moon Day

New lunar cycle is just beginning, and so that day very well to build a variety of plans for the month ahead and dream. Do not miss this moment, on which may depend on the success of the lunar month. This day have to dedicate all that uplifts the spirit. It is useful to remember childhood, think about the journey of life, pick up a book on the history of his people. Well forgive injuries, friends and foes. It will turn out better than the other days, and also accelerate the implementation of your plans. And the plans and dreams of the day is sure to come true, as if by magic, but only in the event that your thoughts are clean and not connected with the desire to harm another, with a vengeance. Bad plans to build the first lunar day is dangerous, they can lead to disaster. This is the case when you do not have to dig a hole to another to himself not to get into it.

Day has magical properties. It is designed to work with the mental energies, as well as mental images. In thinking should be very careful - you can create mental images that may come to life and bring misfortune. 1st lunar day is unfavorable to work in a team, you should avoid crowds and unnecessary contact.

1 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: New Moon

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Wood

Symbol of Day: Candle

Lucky Number: 1

Day of creative thinking, itโ€™s holy and magical, but sometimes it last just a few minutes. It is the first day of a lunar month, the beginning of a new moon cycle. This is a very clean (pure) day. All personal dreams and thoughts that we think on the first lunar day, good or bad, have the potential to become reality, sometimes without our further intervention.

Analyzing the past and your place in the world, forgiving everyone will help clean soul and get rid of many mental problems. All thoughts have to be perfectly clear. Good for thinking, planning, and visualizing final results of what we want to achieve by the end of this lunar cycle. Meditation on burning candle flame, prayers and mantras, creative visualization of whatโ€™s desired as the final result, work with mental energies and thought forms is essential.

Avoid personal contacts and group events. Physical strain and stress, exhaustion and fatigue, especially on brain and face. Be careful of what you think and make plans of, negative thoughts may have disastrous consequences. Beginning new and important actions (business) is not recommended. Just thinking, planning and visualization. Alcohol and hot, spicy food is not recommended.

1 Moon Day Dreams

In the 1st lunar day, before you can go to sleep you can adjust itself to the nearest lunar month has been your wildest dreams and desires, but they must be constructive, otherwise you will hurt yourself. At this time you can see the dreams that will show you what to expect in the next month, but these dreams are just sketches. If you do not like the dream, just try to analyze it, to draw conclusions and release, it will dissipate itself. If in your dream you saw what you wanted, do not forget to include it in your plan for the lunar month. Some dreams can be fulfilled.

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