10 Moon Day

The day is associated with the release of a man on his own tradition, his introspection, including karmic memory. On this day, secret exits in the sources of knowledge. Sometimes, a person starts to do something unconsciously. Sometimes you can even remember that and know something we could not. The day of spiritual self-reliance, but not alone. The study of family traditions and roots will bring tangible results.

It is recommended to search for destinations by working with the history of the genus. Part of the revelation influx. 10th lunar day - the day of donation, the day of transformation of the inner nature. Unpleasant events that occurred on that day will be short-lived and will not receive development. Good day and good luck to start any business, but unfortunate. Any dangerous overloading, the day of rest.

10 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Water

Symbol of Day: Fountain

Lucky Number: 1

Day of recreation, relaxation, rest, and family time, connection with source, tradition, family roots. The flow of energy is increasing, like a fountain, which also means connection with itโ€™s source.

Meditation on individual and family karma, contemplation on a family tree and oneโ€™s roots, establishment and perpetuation of family traditions is recommended. Day is good for creation of a new family, a wedding. Day is also good for new contacts, finding new sources of energy, as well as for beginning of new, important plans, actions, business, building of a house, etc.

Avoid acting unconsciously and being involved is a conflict today.

10 Moon Day Dreams

The 10-th lunar day is associated with family, lineage, generation and dreams in this day is also reflected this principle. So in the dream you can see relatives, spouse, children and even spiritual parents. If in the dream you saw the Guardian Spirit sort of be careful what it say, because through it you can come to any understanding for yourself, may be you will be provided with some support from the family or will be transferred the knowledge of the genus. A dreams in this lunar day can be quite light, bright and fantastic, but they typically do not matter. Disturbing dreams is necessary to understand and let them go. If you would like to take a moment and work with a family energy, before going to bed tune to it, and as soon as you waked up record all you saw.

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