13 Moon Day

On this day, many situations from the past can be repeated, the old problems may occur. If you return the old ties, then there is something you are not satisfied. Take this carefully, try to get rid of the burden of the past - and you will get new strength for future cases. Magic day. The number 13 corresponds to the sign of Aquarius (1 + 3 = 4, Uranus, the ruler of the sign and, incidentally, the 13th zodiac constellation Ophiuchus - the constellation of magicians).

Day Energy purifications, the accumulation of information, production of mascots round, spinning yarns, organizations, contacts, training, treatment advice, the correction of the past, work with karma. Day shows us our karma and our imperfection. If your karma is all right, the day will be like the previous one. Watch the events of the day. Today it is well to learn from the people. Be careful only known in the assimilation of information. Today, you can fall into the extreme: a collection of useless information. Do not forget useless information clutters the mind and it becomes very difficult to make a choice, even where it is obvious.

13 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Fire

Symbol of Day: Wheel

Lucky Number: 4

Symbol of the day means our existence in perpetual movement. Day connected to time, the new comes to take place of the old, and energy, Life Force (Chi, Prana, a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings, and vital energy in natural processes of the Universe) nutrients, blood move through our body in constant circular motion, which is increasing today. Day of transcendence, rejuvenation, correction of past karma, gathering of knowledge and exchange of information.

Day of learning, reading, getting new information, new contacts, group work. Contemplation about the past, correction of the past, working with past karma is necessary. Pranayama (breathing exercises), mental purification, yoga and meditation are recommended and highly beneficial. Minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the food, as well as the medicine (and cosmetics) we take, all absorbed completely. Regenerative processes go especially well.

If a problem from the past keeps coming back it may need your attention. Finding a solution will help to get a fresh start and move on. Fasting is not recommended.

13 Moon Day Dreams

Energy of this lunar day shows, are you moving by a circle or something changes and you climb the spiral stairs up. The dream is the main tip for this understanding. It can reveal to you where you donโ€™t want to change yourself or that it is difficult to overcome. In this dreams the Life itself is knocking at your door and tells you the way in which you need to go in the direction of changing. It is important not to ignore these hints and to start to follow them, then you will free some energy for future actions. Do not forget to write your dreams as you waked up to analyze it.

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