14 Moon Day

Day of the strong, decisive action. It is now possible to take a step, the decisive outcome of the case. Or take the first step in a serious case. Do not spray on stuff. Spend the most important day. Practice the power, the real action in the physical world. Day of the important stages of the improvement initiatives. Many possible. It is recommended to work with information. You can pray, but not very hard. Useful work with the sacred texts.

Goes to obtain secret knowledge, a person can open the third eye (if it is directed efforts). You can not engage in any magical activity. On this day, often "leans" sadness, melancholy, sorrow and longing. There is a lot of suicides, there is persecution. On this day, you need to pay attention to signs, signals and signs that come to you. We must listen carefully to the advice that you give. Even the advice of strangers in the day can be helpful.

14 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Fire

Symbol of Day: Pipe

Lucky Number: 5

Day of the beginning of any important business, everything we start today will be successful. Day of a calling for responsibility, discipline and duty. Day of use of information and business contacts.

Use the opportunity today for new business deals and agreements, founding of new, long-term ventures, companies and partnership alliances, new ideas and plans. Working with sacred texts is recommended. Use of different sources of information, receiving of secret knowledge, and third eye opening is possible today. Day is good for strenuous physical activity, work and exercise.

Avoid negative thinking, sadness and sorrow, manias and depression. Avoid straining eyes. Drinking a lot of liquids is not recommended.

14 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams of this lunar day are not significant, but they can show your hidden ability which should be developed. Therefore they should be considered in this sense. Usually these dreams donโ€™t come true. So, if you waked up with an unpleasant memories, donโ€™t matter about that.

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