15 Moon Day

Critical day before the full moon, when activated internal start (internal snakes) each person, giving in to the temptations of the earth. This day should be to protect themselves, to practice any form of asceticism, to win their flesh to be clean (otherwise breaks the astral). Day of temptation, deception, illusion and sin. You can not swear to accept gifts. Satanic day, the day of Anubis, Astral battles. In some texts it belongs to the adversary Ahriman (Angra Mainyu or Ahra Mainyu) - the spirit of the flesh, which relaxes a person, making it pliable, suggestible, lazy, amenable to any earthly temptations.

It may bring short-term bliss that will replace the bitter disappointment that is especially true for love and intimacy. Today, energy is not less than yesterday. But it is very difficult to use it. A very easy to overspend. Therefore, let’s be careful. We will be attentive to himself. We will try to observe the inner peace. Let’s turn our attention to others. Today we can observe a lot of fights. It is useful to defend justice.

It is very important what day of the full moon falls - on the 15th or 16th day of the moon. If the full moon falls on the 15th day of the moon, the next two weeks will be agitated and emotionally taut. And if on the 16th day - on the contrary, there will be peace, tranquility, peace, spiritual elevation, contentment and balance.

15 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Earth

Symbol of Day: Fiery Serpent

Lucky Number: 6

Full Moon. Day of all Earthly temptations, experience and test.

Self-control, self-limitation, carefulness, prudence, discipline is necessary. Hearty, hot, spicy food is recommended.

Don’t fall victim to laziness and negative influences. Avoid stress, arguments, temptations, suspicious places and company. Important business is not recommended. Avoid consumption of cold, sweet liquids.

15 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams of this lunar day can be different, it depends on your inner state. If you had the bright good dream it may come true, but not worth to tell anyone about it. If you had dream about something heavy it means your internal state is in imbalance, take care of yourself. By the nature of your dreams you can determine what energy in your subconscious dominates now - light or dark. In this day are often prophetic dreams that give information on the next month.

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