16 Moon Day

It is very clean day - the day of justice, spiritual purification, development of programs for future works, the day of harmony between the astral and physical bodies. On this day, any recommended exercise, promote harmony, which leads to irreversible processes - both physical and mental. We must remain calm, do not break it by any unauthorized actions of inner comfort and peace of mind.

Nastiness and aggressiveness, jealousy, manifested in the day, lead to a fall. Try to maintain harmony in everything. Whatever you do not do not go to extremes. Day harmonization of the third chakra (yellow, liver) and harmonization between the physical and astral bodies. Sixteenth moon day - one day of initiation of preachers.

It is very important what day of the full moon falls - on the 15th or 16th day of the moon. If the full moon falls on the 15th day of the moon, the next two weeks will be agitated and emotionally taut. And if on the 16th day - on the contrary, there will be peace, tranquility, peace, spiritual elevation, contentment and balance.

16 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Earth

Symbol of Day: Butterfly

Lucky Number: 7

Day of harmony and balance, calmness and peace, moderation and comfort.

Day is best spent in harmony and moderation. Harmonious physical exercises (Yoga, Thai-chi) are necessary. Day is good for a marriage.

Avoid loosing of sense of calm and balance. Avoid negative thoughts, aggression, screaming and anger, hate and jealousy, being provocative and loud. Animal food is not recommended. Sex is not recommended.

16 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams of this day usually help to relieve stress or indicate that you are very tense. If you have determined the degree of your tension then look for ways to relax. For example you can use the shavasana, oil massage or relaxing bath. The dreams you saw may be different - harmonious or chaotic. Do not try to interpret them - the main task of this dreams to purify you and to bring your system back into balance. If you see something terrible it means that your subconscious mind is cleaned from the negative. This dreams can even help to get rid of the disease. Also dreams in this lunar day can help to find a balance in life and calm. Even may be communication with your Guardian Angel.

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