17 Moon Day

This is a period of gaining inner freedom, the day the mysteries of Dionysus. In ancient Greece in honor of the god were held sacred orgy. In Sanskrit, this day is called the day of Shakti - the female energy. This symbol is also referred to dancers, prostitutes. The day is associated with the transformation of women’s energies and unsublimated (unexamined) female energy can manifest itself as a riot as an involuntary way. Energy of the day contributes to the attainment of inner freedom, it is a day of fun and emancipation.

Best for festivals and celebrations, in which bad to be dull and gloomy. It is a day of accumulation and growth, fertility, ecstasy and joy of life, but we should not lose his head and caution: due to uncontrolled energy for the day includes a lot of surprises.

17th day Unfortunately, if falls on a Saturday. In this case, it may conceal a great danger, but if it is necessary on any other day, it gives a good foundation for new initiatives and important cases. The day will bring luck to single, selfish, dull and introverted people. The results of this day can be very different: at the highest level - access to the key to the ideal of love, on the lower - riot and drunkenness.

17 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Metal

Symbol of Day: Bell Ring

Lucky Number: 8

Day of inner freedom, joy of being, experience of eternity and ecstasy. Day of celebration, transformation of feminine energy Shakti, fertility, growth and accumulation.

Day is good for cultivating inner freedom, joy, laughing, celebrations, wine drinking (in moderation), dancing, singing. Beneficial for couples relationships, sexual contacts and exchange of energy, and is wonderful for a marriage. Love is the brightest aspect of the day, but may bring unexpected surprises to everyone not careful with this energy. Recommended - power physical exercises, sports, yoga.

Avoid creating restrictions and difficulties today, arguments, anger, fighting. Avoid falling into binge and rowdiness. Don’t take offers, and don’t give promises, so not to create debt and diminish freedom. Unreleased, stuck, and unsublimated sexual energy can cause health and behavioral problems.

17 Moon Day Dreams

17-th lunar day is associated with the female energy including its sexual aspect. So the dreams in this day are a reflection of how harmonious you use your sexual energy. The dreams can show how you have suppressed it. Of course, first you need to understand what it not means passionate sexual desire but it means the ability of creatively realisation through communication with the opposite sex. So if you are able to determine the degree of tension, try to find a creative realisation for your sexual energy. If you have a pleasant dreams in this day, it means that you are quite creative and you have all right in relations with the opposite sex. If you have a not pleasant dreams, then you need to pay more attention to the manifestation of your creativity and to improve your relationship with opposite sex.

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