18 Moon Day

Day is like a mirror image of our inner essence and shows us what we have gained in my life. Energy of the day makes people passive. Growing danger of succumbing to the influence of others, adapt to it, start to imitate someone or follow someone else’s thoughts. This day can be a day of insidious lies, masks and intrigue. People unwittingly may strike each other.

It is recommended to keep track of your bad habits and thoughts to abandon selfishness and vanity, illusions and instincts, try to see myself from the outside and objectively evaluate. For some people, a heavy day, as it can be during the day fall. A man who does not want to fight their lowest instincts can overcome nightmares, seduction; manifested secret obstacle - it seems that you are trying to stray from. Exacerbated feelings of inferiority, own and others’ imperfections. The 18th lunar day can be happy and successful, but still requires prudence, self-restraint, caution and diligence.

18 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Metal

Symbol of Day: Mirror

Lucky Number: 9

Day when our reality, like a mirror, reflects our Inner Being, it’s thoughts and actions, and show how we interact with others, and how others see us. Day of partnership, justice, healing, help.

Day is good for working with thoughts, developing objective view of the world. Try to get a critical look at yourself from the outside, get rid of negative tendencies and bad habits. Noticing shortcomings, focus on changing them, and improve the character. Body cleansing, water treatments (bath, sauna), massages are recommended. Fasting or vegetarian diet (nuts, olive oil) is preferable. Good for interaction with nature, and observation of plant and animal life.

Energy of the day can make one passive and easy to control. Substitute passivity with activity. Day contain temptation and deceit. Avoid illusions, low unconscious instincts, bad habits, selfishness, pride and vanity. Be careful with your health, especially with any medical diagnosis and treatments.

18 Moon Day Dreams

The dreams of this lunar day are a reflection of ourselves. If you dream that you are active and energetic, but in the life on the contrary you are very discouraged and passive, then you must seek a balance. You should try to be active and energetic in some situations and to be patience in the other. If in the dream you are the same as in the life and you have no desire for change yourself, then in your subconscious mind have no contradictions with your ideas about yourself. If the dream pointed to the imbalance and the contradictions in the subconscious mind, then you should write this dream and during 18-th lunar day you need to see what problems will be shown to you and start to work with it. Also the dreams can specify that prevent you live. In this dreams can be hints as to overcome problems including health. Good dream in this lunar day portends you a profit and successful acquisitions.

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