19 Moon Day

On this day, the world is ruled by a heavy human energy. Day singles, creative people. Day of peace, health reserves are sufficient, we must be focused and prudent. If circumstances permit, it is better to stay home and not go out. Great danger of succumbing to bad influence, become entangled in the diabolical networks. Getting to this day can be continued heavy: it will be very difficult to break free from the influence of this man. This day is associated with the moral purification of the soul and conscience. It is recommended to think about their actions, mentally repent, get rid of the lies, pride and thoughts of others.

It is desirable to light a candle or a lamp, a candle around a flat or sit by the fire. The moon was on the wane, so many sorcerers elect these days for their magical and black deeds. This day is dangerous poisoning, spiritual narcotic, the splitting of consciousness. Entangled in some vice, a person can easily get into the stretch around the devilish network. It is necessary to be cautious with new ideas, trends, know that in the 19th lunar day - most likely, it will be deception. It should be wary of drunk people that could harm the health, and even maim.

19 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Water

Symbol of Day: Spider

Lucky Number: 1

Day of dangerous ideas, illusions and temptations, laid like a spider web. Day is also connected to individual potential and creativity. In esoteric sense the day is connected to astral cleansing and magic.

Day is good for cleansing of soul and body, as well as thoughts, practice of restraint and humility, humbleness and dedication, clear consciousness, forgiveness. May be good for creative and hardworking individuals, that are free from pride. Burning of incense and candles cleanses the negative energy and is highly recommended.

Be careful and vigilante. Avoid arguments, situations and people which confuse you, and put thoughts in your head. Avoid illusions, lies, vanity, pride. Try to get rid of negative emotions, anger, resentment, jealousy. Be careful with new ideas and influences. Any new ties, agreements, relationships become long lasting, but, if not desirable, are troublesome and difficult to end. If not completely sure, don’t take or give loans today, don’t make deals and agreements, not to create a web of debt.

19 Moon Day Dreams

This is a difficult lunar day and the dreams can also be unpleasant. Therefore, if you have a bad dream, read after sleep any prayer or just say ‘Where the night there the dream" and imagine how the dream fades. This day do not try to interpret the dream yourself, it is better to turn to professionals, so this dreams conceal a psychological problems of the subconscious mind.

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