20 Moon Day

This is the day of liberation from any cargo, overcoming doubts, knowledge of cosmic law, spiritual growth. Day of Liberation from any debts or serious condition. Easy, rejecting all doubts, take a last and important decision to make an important act - and thus the rise in the development of a higher level.

Do not hesitate to take the barrier! The best day of fasting and spiritual insight. It is better to be at home, to engage in economic affairs, family, tradition. You can study the scriptures. Dangers twentieth day: pride, arrogance, grouchiness.

20 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Water

Symbol of Day: Eagle

Lucky Number: 2

Day of spiritual transformation, elation, overcoming of doubts, making of important decision, taking action, learning of Cosmic law of life. Symbol of spiritual and religious hero.

Day of understanding the meaning of life, finding life’s purpose. Cast the doubts away, make an important decision, and take important action today. Stay focused on the most important goal. Best time for study of sacred spiritual texts, spiritual growth, enlightenment. Day to take care of family and home. Ideal for fasting.

Save energy, spending too much energy is dangerous. If feel lack of energy, avoid new important actions (business), the results may be unexpected. Avoid pride, jealousy, doubt, anger. Animal food should be avoided.

20 Moon Day Dreams

The dream can come true quickly. In this lunar day you can order the dream by wish. For example in the dream you can go where you want to visit. Also in this day you can try to enter in a dream of other people. By means of the dream in this day a solution of some problems is possible. Also a travelling in the subtle worlds is possible.

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