21 Moon Day

Energy of the day awakens in man the active principle, it gives courage, confidence, determination. This day should strive to be fair and just even in small things. Day of voluntary sacrifice, renunciation of property. Day of celebration of all new, perseverance. Day conclusions, learning outcomes, examinations and tests professionalism. Day of active, creative, day sports. On this day, you can give the oath of allegiance, to strive not to lie, to be absolutely clean and fair. Useful all group activities - this is a day of friendship, bringing people together.

Day astral warriors Don kihotstva, chivalry. It evokes a sense of nobility and justice, as well as a sense of order. People have the determination to change anything, or to radically solve the accumulated problems. Spend this day it will not be hard, because today we get a hundredfold return forces spent during the month. Search for missing people, things, animals will be successful. For thieves and criminals, this day is very unfortunate and unhappy, they soon will be found and punished.

21 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Wood

Symbol of Day: Herd of Horses

Lucky Number: 3

Day of unstoppable energy of perpetual movement, transformation, reforms, active beginnings, duty and responsibility, courage, sacrifice, and triumph of achievement. Day brings sharper intuition, possibility of spiritual and creative renewal, improvement in partners relationships. Day of collective group activities, meetings, unions, congregations of like minded-people, commitment and friendship.

Itโ€™s important to be fair and honest in everything, fulfill obligations, take responsibility. Great day for any physical activity, sports, competitions, group games, and spending more time outdoors. Best day for switching to a new job, going on a trip, beginning a journey. Day is good for bath, sauna.

Avoid spending day alone, selfishness. Meat, fat and heavy food should be excluded.

21 Moon Day Dreams

The main task of dreams this lunar day is to show how much is manifested your creative energy in the life - it is suppressed or it is harmonically used. In other aspects this dreams donโ€™t matter and rarely come true.

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