22 Moon Day

Adverse and a bad day, a special day - there is a power rotation energy of the day, however, increases mental abilities, this day is particularly well absorbed new knowledge come new ideas and solutions. This is the best day for the wise men and philosophers. It is recommended to know the future (not on the cards), you can focus on the pictures on the Yantra (sacred image it sounds on paper, in the sand). It should be altruistic, teach others, share experience and prepare students to be generous or just accumulate knowledge.

Practitioners also historical searches and investigation of its own roots, archival work. Good day to dedicate this study, acquire skills and crafts. The period of study of secret knowledge and its use. Today, we gain the ability to "read between the lines." Information can come even "above". Just watch any scene in the street, we are able to get an answer to our question is anxious for a long time. Solve problems, achieve their goals using the knowledge gained - the day favorable for this. However, remember that the knowledge gained can be used only for good, otherwise they will turn against you.

22 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Third Quarter

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Wood

Symbol of Day: Elephant

Lucky Number: 4

Day of education, knowledge and wisdom. Day of books, archives, information. Day of symbols, magic, secret knowledge, as well as new ideas and original new solutions.

Great day for gathering and sharing knowledge, reading, learning, studying old sacred books, mantras and prayers, old customs, traditions, finding roots, as well as using new sources of information. Recommended intellectual generosity, knowledge dissemination, experience and wisdom sharing. Solve your problems and achieve your goals using knowledge.

Avoid rushing with negotiations, fast moves (literally), and words. Avoid being conservative. Pay attention to offers you receive today, they require time and contemplation. Fasting is not recommended, but vegetarian food is preferable.

22 Moon Day Dreams

The dreams of this lunar day may have a different importance. They can be simply empty, which did not make sense to interpret, and also they can show you where to go and what direction to change. Since this lunar day is Ganesha (the God of Knowledge which helps to overcome obstacles) through the dream you can solve some problems and can receive revelation and a new knowledge. On this lunar day, before you go to sleep, you can tune yourself to receive a revelation or a knowledge in the dream or you may ask your question. And after you waked up do not forget to write down the received during the dream information.

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