23 Moon Day

Day of Hecate associated with violence, destruction of the old with radical reforms. On this day, a man easily released instinct capture, insatiable appetite, tendency to delirium, fights, adventure. Day revelry vampires and bloodsuckers, it can be a day of sacrifice, repentance, understanding and forgiveness. This day is also connected with harassment, persecution, exile, beware clashes with the raging crowd, do not succumb to provocation, the temptation for revenge. Ash Wednesday, practicing all kinds of self-defense, including the "mystical", but only as a possibility, but not an active workout.

It is to suppress the fear and fear. You can not sit back. Time and waning moon, our energy is also flawed. All goes wrong, we feel inferior. Do not blame yourself. You are a cosmic and Space at this moment affects just so that our energy decreases. Everything we do at this time, to be very important, weighty and significant - how would you sum up the lived, doing the most important things. Do not abuse the powers, not spend it for nothing - there is still the days of Hecate, promising an even more serious condition.

Just as in the elderly, people often come to wisdom, they are beginning to understand what previously unaware - and in the fourth phase of the moon at decreasing physical strength, we can get new spiritual strength, we offer some wisdom, a new knowledge and understanding of the world. This will happen if we intelligently and sensibly stayed the previous phases are not wasted in vain overflowing force, and applied them to achieve the really important goals. We need to approach this with a sense of the period that month was not in vain, that we did everything we could, and now we can safely move from active to passive. Then come and new knowledge about the world and themselves.

23 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Fire

Symbol of Day: Crocodile

Lucky Number: 5

The energy is dark, heavy, unfavorable, aggressive, violent. Day of challenge and test.

Practice restraint and humility, forgiveness, moderation in everything. Take care of health. Good for cleaning and protecting house. Burning of incense and candles is recommended. Physical activity, sports are recommended.

Avoid negative emotions, vengeance, anger, use of force, which may turn against you. Avoid being in large crowds, provocation. Overeating is dangerous, meat is not recommended.

23 Moon Day Dreams

Today the dreams are deceptive and even opposite to reality. What you dream on this lunar day it is necessary to understand quite on the contrary. It is possible to have a bad dreams, which are related with the energy of the lunar day. Sometimes this dreams show where you do not accept yourself.

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