24 Moon Day

Moon passes the constellation Ophiuchus up and down and from Capricorn enters Aquarius. This is the period of destruction of the old and creating the new. It is believed that a person can descend revelation or it takes a huge awakening power. Our body is now more than ever under the control of reason. This day should be actively used to strengthen their health and improve the spiritual level.

Practice hard training, work. Day of male power - while using the transformation of male sexual power. A beautiful day to communicate with the opposite sex and sex. Day worship the gods of fertility, the day of the compound of conception. The day is associated with the construction. In ancient Egypt, this day laid the pyramid.

24 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Fire

Symbol of Day: Bear

Lucky Number: 6

Day of masculine creative energy, inspiration and revelation, creation of new and destruction of the old. Day of awakening and transformation of sexual energy. Day of intuition and healing.

Day is good for establishing basis of new, big and important projects, ideas, business, as well as laying fundaments of a new house or temple. Recommended power physical exercises, sports and recreational activities, as well as interaction with nature. Day is good for conceiving a child.

Careful not to abuse creative energy, it may lead to unexpected and undesired results. Avoid large crowds. Dangerous to abuse, as well as not release (transform) sexual energy.

24 Moon Day Dreams

The dreams of this lunar day show the status of your sexual energy, your creative power, your inner strength. If the dreams in this day are good, then you have everything all right. If you dreamed something bad, then look out for the energy escape - or have not established relationships with the opposite sex, or you do not sufficiently creatively manifest yourself in the life, or many your internal strength was spent and you should do energy recovery. Sometimes on this lunar day you can see in the dream your past lives, in this case the life gives you direct instruction to the problem you need to solve.

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