25 Moon Day

Passive & internal Day, contemplative period of solitude, concentration, imagination, introspection, increase spirituality, of sensitivity. Very good to hold it in solitary meditation, better outdoors. Well, if you can, go in the water for a swim. Go to the bath, do not strain. Listen to your inner voice, think about their lives and their perception of the world. Any sign of the day should be seen as an indication.

25 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Earth

Symbol of Day: Turtle

Lucky Number: 7

Day of passivity and solitude, reflection and focus, imagination and intuition, inner wisdom. Day of telepathy and clairvoyance.

Day is best spent in solitude, contemplation and prayer. All actions should be slow and thoughtful. Listen to you inner voice (intuition). Day is good for finishing what was started before. Fasting and cleansing is recommended.

Avoid rushing, unexpected contacts and situations, unnecessary activity. Be careful with thoughts and emotions as they have their own energy.

25 Moon Day Dreams

It is believed that this lunar day is a day of prophetic dreams. It is important in this day to interpret dreams using the intuition. Even if the images in the dream are very clear you need still listen to your inner voice. If in the dream you saw something unpleasant, in the morning you should read a prayer and take the shower under cold running water.

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