26 Moon Day

One of the dangerous critical days in which people are prone to conflicts. They are vain bustle, engaged in idle chatter, gossip. There is a danger outspend their energy on trifles, and therefore advised to refrain from taking action, rest and save energy. It is necessary to eliminate unnecessary connections and contacts, be selective in communicating. This day does not cost anything to take and start, as all it will bring only losses and damages. On this day, people may want to brag, exaggerate their achievements.

This in no case can not be done - then it will be a shame. We must seek knowledge of life, the worst in people, to a sober assessment of reality, removal of all and any "masks". Otherwise, we will have grass, may scoff at us, showing hypocrisy and crass materialism. Preferred access to the Master. The day is associated with the transformation of our system of values.

Today, we see ourselves as if from outside. Perhaps we are not completely satisfied with the fact that we opened. But do not let that be a reason for us to be pessimistic. So we started on their own and in our power to change it. Day predispose people to a waste of money, unnecessary purchases, muddle-headed behavior. High probability of robberies and losses. It should be as focused and attentive.

26 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Earth

Symbol of Day: Swamp

Lucky Number: 8

Critical day. Day of vanity, false pride, alluring deceit, provocation and test.

Day is best spent relaxing, or taking care of the most necessary, routine work. Talk less, and listen more. Restraint, moderation, cleansing and fasting is recommended.

Avoid empty, futile activity, arguments, fights, false liaisons and contacts, loosing energy.

26 Moon Day Dreams

The dreams in this lunar day can show you a habits from which it would be good to get rid of. If in the dream you saw yourself as a dictator then possible you should reduce your pride. If in the dream your role is small, for example you saw yourself poor, it means you have a very low self-esteem. In this dreams you can see the secret side of your soul. If in the dream you saw a lightning it is a warning that you should tame the pride and vanity. In this day can be a dreams which improve your mood. The dreams in 26-th lunar day can come true, especially if they in color.

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