28 Moon Day

One of the most auspicious days of the lunar month. His power is very harmonious, it is very clean and bright day. In no case can not be broken this harmony with their harsh actions. It is forbidden to cut trees, pick flowers, dig, you can not kill the insects. It is desirable to be in the day in a good mood, to control their emotions, to have good thoughts and intentions. Period of comprehension of higher truths, gaining spiritual creation, the day of contemplation of the chakras and working with them.

Designed to work in a dream and prophetic dreams, astral body, his most subtle outputs with clairvoyance. A man in a dream, or in the process of meditation knows his past birth. Day of successful initiatives for important things and businesses. Well put all useful plants and sow good thoughts. You can buy a house, make repairs. Refrain from any energy loss, do not overload the mentally and physically relax, brings to the bath, do not fret. Unfriendly people in this day might get sick.

28 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Metal

Symbol of Day: Lotus

Lucky Number: 1

Favorable day, day of opening of all Chakras, day of clear vision, reflection, balance and compassion, day when you can know the higher truth, and your past, through meditation or in your sleep, work with astral body and dreams.

Positive thinking and elevated attitude, one of the best days for making peace, cleansing and detox. Juice diet recommended. Good for buying or renovating house.

Prolonged exposure to bright light, TV and computer screens, reading and straining your eyes is not recommended.

28 Moon Day Dreams

In this lunar day you can work with dreams. The dreams can specify the obstacles, difficulties in deeds and ways of overcoming. The dreams in this lunar day are possible prophetic. In this dreams you can see your future. Make a conclusions and remember - the dreams are only warning and they will come true or not depends on you. During the dream you can see who you was in a previous life. In addition, the dreams of this day reflect the sensual world of man, his emotional sphere, the sphere of love, and therefore in the interpretation of the dreams you can consider the obstacles associated with the expression of the love and find a hint for yourself.

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