29 Moon Day

Moon is not visible in the sky, is about to come a new moon. People weakened energy is depleted. Satanic day, the most dangerous and worst of all satanic days of the lunar month. We need to think about the reliability of the protection. Make sure that the whole house was not a single dark corner, everywhere lights were on. Besides electricity ignite more candles, better church. 29th day thoroughly miserable throughout and for all.

This time, black moonless nights Hecate when condensed astral fog, heard by their dark deeds witches and wizards. You can not believe any promises or forecasts of rumors - the terms of sheer deception. It is strictly forbidden to engage in fortune telling and other subtle practices. Day falls and accidents. It is not recommended to do anything. It is to clean the body.

29 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waning Crescent

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Water

Symbol of Day: Octopus

Lucky Number: 2

The energy is unfavorable. Moon is not visible. Ocean tideโ€™s highs and lows are the strongest. Day of illusions and temptations, day when people loose energy. Sometimes it is the last day of a lunar month.

Strong protection from dark energy is required. Control of thoughts, practice of restraint and humility, moderation in everything, burning of incense and candles is recommended. Good for completing of everything that was started at the beginning of the lunar cycle. Cleansing shower before bed will wash away all negative energy of the day.

Avoid dark places, depressive and conflict thoughts and situations, annoying and empty contacts. Promises, rumors and forecasts canโ€™t be trusted. Thinking of, making plans, and beginning new actions (business) is not recommended.

29 Moon Day Dreams

The energy of this lunar day is difficult and it leaves its imprint on the dreams. Before going to bed light the candle and clear space in the room. During the 29-th lunar day try to maintain the harmony and good mood. The dreams you saw analyze, if it possible, with a psychologist. This dreams can be complicated, unpleasant and frightening. In this case, it is a reflection of your subconscious, that it has accumulated, and from which you should free yourself.

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