3 Moon Day

The energy of this day requires activity. Get up early. Do not spare the energy. Passivity is contraindicated and even dangerous. Focus on your goals. Energy spent on the right things today, will return a hundredfold. This is a period of struggle, pressure and aggression, astral warrior clad in armor. All passive people in the third day of the moon vulnerable, as they produced a variety of astral attack.

Man, if he is not a fighter, just "leavens" the energy of becoming doubtful, suspicious and cunning. It is necessary to concentrate and to use your astral energy for self-defense. Very well run sports training. This is especially true of various kinds of martial arts - the best day for practicing martial arts - tai chi, karate and others. On this day, working with metals, sharpening their knives, the ancient cast silver things.

3 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Fire

Symbol of Day: Leopard

Lucky Number: 3

Day of aggression and active struggle, fight for beliefs and interests. Day of beginning of realization of plans, when nothing can stop us, and we have enough energy to overcome any obstacle.

It is necessary to concentrate, and use astral energy for self-defense, and work with all bio-energies. Physical activity, big, intensive training routine is recommended. Best day for practicing martial arts. Sauna or bath is recommended.

Passivity should be avoided, and is dangerous. Time to act, but it is not going to be without difficulties. Successful will be something you truly believe in.

3 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams of this day show how you use the energy given by Higher power. You can understand how your energy flows away or is harmoniously distributed. Dreams in this lunar day rarely come true, they have a value in themselves, and it is important your behavior there. Usually these dreams examine the inner strength of the person. So if in a dream there were elements of the fight or obstacles, resistance, and you did not overawed, it means your inner forces are in good state. If you woke up with a feeling of depression, you should mentally finalize the dream, as you overcome the obstacle and win.

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