30 Moon Day

This lunar day is not every month, and if it happens, it is very short. On this day, it is desirable to complete all started this month and wrap up the case. It is particularly important to sum up the front of the solar eclipse. The day is often expressed an equal amount of good and evil that we receive. This is the best day for rest and joy, contemplation of beauty. This day should be discarded vanity, to give up everything superfluous, unnecessary, extraneous, and prepare for the transition to a new round of development.

Good to repay debts, to show mercy and compassion to make people happy. It is desirable to forgive the offenders and to repent of their sins. Day with talismans and medicines - must cleanse the house, in particular, the introduction of such a talisman like a horseshoe. It is recommended to work with stone. Thank this month for the lessons and discoveries that he brought you with a pure heart and get ready to enter a new month.

30 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: New Moon

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Water

Symbol of Day: Golden Swan

Lucky Number: 3

This lunar day happens not every month, and sometimes is very short, from a few hours to a few minutes. The day of harmony, humility, love and forgiveness. It is the last day of a lunar month, and ending of a cycle.

Good for completing of everything that was started at the beginning of the lunar cycle, paying debts, etc. Cleansing of body (shower or bath), and home (burning of incense) is recommended. Rest, moderation in food and drink is necessary. Commitment to positive lifestyle, meditation and self-reflection, will help to move up in the next cycle of spiritual and personal development. Try to enjoy life’s small joys, and bring happiness to others.

Avoid physical strain and stress. Be careful and vigilante. Thinking of, making plans, and beginning new actions (business) is not recommended.

30 Moon Day Dreams

In this lunar day you can see the bright and happy dreams that are usually come true. This dreams can be as result of the past month, or this dreams can show what you need to be done in the next lunar month. This lunar day rare comes, therefore be especially attentive to the dreams of this day. Write down this dreams, and review what you have done, and where you should pay attention and make a effort.

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