4 Moon Day

On this day, it is recommended to plant trees, sow and plow, national study, genetic, historical traditions, focusing on its origins, accumulate bright idea to work with close relations with the aim of strengthening its Tree, Tree trunk clear of unnecessary branches. Very useful in this day to remember the past. Considered to be a day of remembrance of the dead.

Day carries a dual characteristic: it both positive and negative at the same time, it is evil. In Western astrology, it is considered the day of the fall of man, the taste of the Tree of Knowledge - symbol from Adam’s apple stuck in his throat. Day of the vote, are shown singing, rapping, etc. May become unhappy only the fault of the person, if he is in any fatal circumstances or ganged up on his neighbor. Day, favorable for any kind and water facilities.

4 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Fire

Symbol of Day: Tree of Knowledge

Lucky Number: 4

Day of double meaning, good and bad at the same time. Day when we have to make a choice between good and evil. Symbolically may mean a Biblical tree of knowledge that carries a fruit of good and evil.

Today it is important to think many times before making an important decision. Day best spent taking care of home and family. It is necessary to spend some time alone today, and think of ancestors that passed away. Day when our throat Chakra, is activated and singing holy hymns, prayers and mantras is recommended.

Actions that are not well thought of should be avoided, and are dangerous. Cutting of trees and flowers, as well as harming any living beings should be avoided. Group work is not recommended.

4 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams in this lunar day can come true, particularly in color. In these dreams might be your parents or relatives, it means you need to analyze what problem you have inherited from them and start solving it. If your dream is about some kind of threat - it is a warning to be especially careful in choosing your line of conduct. The images in your dreams in this day specify the ‘fall’ fields in your inner world.

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