5 Moon Day

On this day, it is best to plan any changes in their lives. Day is more favorable for people who are able to weigh and consider in advance than for people frivolous. For them, this unlucky day. On this day, all is possible, unless you show creativity, will strive to achieve this goal.

One can argue about the principles, to protect someone. You can and should actively show their feelings and emotions - all understand you correctly. Good cry (in a dream and reality). You can work with herbs, diet. Fatal, even fateful day for criminals, any of their criminal action is required to will be revealed and will cause punishment.

5 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Earth

Symbol of Day: Unicorn

Lucky Number: 5

Day of duty and defending of principles, beliefs and ideals. Day when the energy is increasing, we have to focus on our plans, and can achieve goals without obstacles. All new knowledge we receive today, as well as the food we eat, everything is absorbed fully. Mostly positive, lucky and favorable day.

Today we have to be creatively active, and make effort to achieve what we want. We can successfully defend someone or something, people or ideas. The food we eat is fully transformed into physical and astral energies. Dairy (cottage cheese especially) is recommended. Fasting should be avoided, as well as overeating.

5 Moon Day Dreams

In this day a good dream may come true, but disturbing dream is a warning. If you saw crying yourself in a dream, donโ€™t be scared, this is a good sign. If your dreams are connected with a road, with movement - it means you are all well. If you dream of something unpleasant is the token to take care of your health. Also this dreams can show how do you cope with their task. Upon careful analysis you can see how your evolution is going on - are you changing or moving in a circle.

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