6 Moon Day

It is impossible to express their dissatisfaction with life, circumstances, or an other - all must be taken exactly as is. Good day to commune with nature, to rejuvenate. Comes a lot of information. But it is necessary to take care of its purity. And this contributes to passivity. Good deal with any breathing exercises. Special pleasure bring flavors. Generally smells peculiar to this day certain symbolism. Day is pretty good for intersexual communication.

Day is good for mental and spiritual searching, the active uptake of energy of the Cosmos. Day contributes to the manifestation of a variety of abilities. Becomes aggravated intuition, there has been increasing latent abilities. Particularly effective prophecy, distant transmission of thoughts, work with word, classes with smells, breathing exercises. Day successful for locating missing persons, things, animals.

6 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Energy of Day: Passive

Element of Day: Earth

Symbol of Day: Bird

Lucky Number: 6

Day of humility, grace and love. Day of intuition, clairvoyance and telepathy. Today’s energy is connected to breathing, and is good for receiving and transforming of Prana, the Universal life force. Mostly positive, lucky and favorable day.

Today we have to go about our usual business without any grumble. Intuition is heightened, and enlightening revelations are possible. Day is great for practicing yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama), healing and cleansing of respiratory system. Solitude and fasting is recommended.

Avoid dissatisfaction with yourself or others, your life’s conditions and circumstances, your surroundings. Take everything as is, and do not wish for it to be different.

6 Moon Day Dreams

All you have dreamed in this lunar day can be considered as a revelation of the upper forces. These dreams often show which deeds should be completed and preferably quickly. In this dream you can see the people to whom you owe a debt. But always remember that dreams should be properly interpreted, therefore, your feelings are very important to understanding any dream, especially in this lunar day. On this day you can ask a question to the Higher powers, waking up be sure to write down a dream and carefully analyze it using intuition, because the answer can be covered in symbols.

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