7 Moon Day

The energy of the body continues to grow, it is enough to start taking action. This time, "adulthood" of the body, and when the force is already sufficient, and fatigue has not yet been felt. At this time, things started well succeed, there is a belief in their own strength. It is also a time of great emotional sensitivity, resulting in people experiencing require emotional contact. At this time, especially painful perceived indifference and emotional coldness.

Day of prayer and work with the word, with the elements, the spirits of nature. If you do not know how to use the word, it is better to keep silent. On this day, nature is very responsive in every, even accidentally uttered the word aloud. And it should not be in vain talk, and in general should be very careful with the words - everything has been said out loud, can translate into life. It is necessary to perform the asanas on hand, learn to speak, freed from the "dirty" word (parasites). You can not lie. It is desirable that this day had any adventures. Day care for the books and records.

7 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: First Quarter

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Metal

Symbol of Day: Wind Rose

Lucky Number: 7

Day is connected with deeper use of prayers, mantras, verbal magic, and work with spirits and elements of nature. Day when prayers have the magic power of faith. Everything we say, and wish to ourselves and others, has potential to become reality.

Today the surrounding us nature is very receptive to what we say, even unintentionally, and we have to work with our verbal skills. Sincere prayers and good wishes will come true. Day is great for practicing yogic asanas (physical exercise), and doing work with our hands.

Provocative day, be very careful what you say and wish. Important to avoid lying, itโ€™s better to keep silence, than to speak lies. Speak less, avoid idle chatter, empty promises, use of meaningless and repetitive words. Protect your lungs and be careful not to catch cold.

7 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams in this day may yield useful information, there are even prophetic. The dreams can come true, but not soon. In these dreams can be hints that could help to explain the meaning of your life. Pay special attention to the words that you heard in the dream. In this lunar day the subconscious communicates with us through the word. Words you heard in the dream it is desirable to record and during 7-th lunar day to be carefully what you hear from others, it can be important for you. On this day may be the Highest image and everything, that you hear from it, sure to be a direct guide to action.

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