9 Moon Day

The first day after squaring the moon and the sun. Dangerous day power its extremely negative impact on human rights. Day of delusions and illusions, deceptions and delusions, as well as poisoning. People prone to fear, anxiety and gloomy thoughts. An active self-defense against the aggressive black, conscious thoughts purification and regulation of their desires. Very effective to forgive the person who hurt you. Day of adverse events, in which we get only a bad sign, to which it is necessary to take carefully: soberly consider and evaluate each.

Deception, the pride, the inadequacy can destroy all undertakings. For new businesses it is better not to take - there is a risk to make a mistake in assessing its features. So keep already begun. Feeling better than no exercise. Maybe bad luck, getting bad news. Try peretepet all without outbursts of negative emotions. Do not have anything to prove to anyone, try to defend their opinion. Today it may be a mistake. Be humble, it is better to spend the day in a quiet everyday work.

9 Moon Day Explanation

Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbous

Energy of Day: Active

Element of Day: Water

Symbol of Day: Bat

Lucky Number: 9

Day is critical and dangerous. Day of nightmares, illusions, deceit, confusion, dark energies. It may lead to conflicts, arguments, nervousness. On the opposite, futile hope and belief in what’s happening, temptation to see everything "rosy" may lead to future disappointments.

Cleansing of thoughts, body and soul, active protection from aggression and negativity is necessary. Forgiveness of those who hurt us is very effective. It’s important to learn to overcome temptations and obstacles of this day. Just like every moon day, this day has positive energies that can be used for spiritual growth. Wisdom perspective will help to find solutions in dead-end situations. Day is great for physical exercise and yoga.

Do not get caught today in illusions, empty dreams and desires. Family fights, skirmishes and scandals should be avoided. Making important decisions, and staring new business is not recommended.

9 Moon Day Dreams

Dreams on this lunar day may show the internal conflict hidden in the subconscious. The dream can be unpleasant and even terrible, but it tells you about the problems only, that are lurking in your subconscious and usually due to your karmic problems that need to be resolved. Since energy of this day is difficult the dreams can be not easy. But be afraid of them is not necessary, as to attach great importance to the images appearing on this day in a dream. Just analyze the dream and extract useful information or throw the dream away and forget saying: ‘Where the night there and dream’.

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